Susie Evans claps back after being criticized for defending Clayton Echard amid cheating scandal

Susie Evans
Susie Evans explains why she had Clayton Echard’s back despite cheating accusations. Pic credit: ABC

Clayton Echard and Susie Evans found themselves at the center of a messy scandal over the weekend, as a TikTok star came forward and accused Clayton of sleeping with her and cheating on Susie.

Fortunately, the couple could clear up the rumor and prove Clayton’s innocence as Clayton’s accuser admitted to being misinformed.

However, Susie still received some backlash for how she went about the cheating scandal, and she reacted to the criticism.

Susie Evans doubles down on defending Clayton Echard despite criticism

When Clayton was accused of cheating on Susie, both Clayton and Susie pulled up receipts to prove that the rumors were false. 

Susie also left comments declaring her confidence that Clayton loved her too much to cheat. 

With Susie being so outspoken about how much she believed Clayton was innocent, a critic questioned, “Why even say explain yourself if you believe him?”

The commenter appeared to find it suspicious that Susie was so actively trying to clear Clayton’s name, and Susie reacted to the comment with a TikTok video.

In the video, Susie puts the comment on blast as she stares at the camera while wearing a black mask. Audio over the video beckons, “Are we s**t talking?”

Susie also wrote her reasoning for “explaining herself” over the video, “That vid wasn’t for me…it was for anyone questioning my man.” 

The recent cheating scandal has proved that Susie is protective of her man and down to defend Clayton through thick and thin.


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Susie Evans and Clayton Echard reunite 

Clayton and Susie had a unique journey on The Bachelor. 

Susie was one of the first to profess her love for Clayton; however, their relationship became rocky as the season progressed. 

Their love story came to a screeching halt during fantasy suites when Clayton revealed that he slept with and shared the L-word with the two other women in his final three. 

Susie felt she couldn’t get engaged to a man who found love with two other women, even though Clayton declared he loved Susie the most. 

Clayton and Susie got into a tense argument that appalled viewers and resulted in Clayton sending Susie home. 

However, Clayton realized he wanted to be with Susie more than anyone, so he dumped his remaining women to pursue Susie, only for Susie to then leave him.

The couple then shocked viewers when they revealed that they rekindled and were dating on After the Final Rose. 

Clayton and Susie are now preparing to move in together, and the pair recently reunited after a few weeks apart and spent time with Clayton’s brother Nate.

Clayton and Susie are no strangers to ups and downs, but they appear to be ready to tackle whatever comes their way in their relationship.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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