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Street Outlaws: Memphis exclusive: JJ’s son Doughboy versus Virginia’s Louis Mason

Street Outlaws: Memphis exclusive: JJ's son Doughboy versus Virginia's Louis Mason
Doughboy explains what’s at stake in tonight’s do or die race against Louis Mason on Street Outlaws: Memphis. Pic credit: Discovery

Street Outlaws: Memphis is raring to go tonight on Discovery as a white knuckler, all or nothing race is revving up.

Will the series’ main event JJ Da Boss’ oldest child, Doughboy, beat the terror from Virginia, Louis Mason?

Its time to “get dat money,” as we see in our exclusive clip that Doughboy prepares to take on the crew from Virginia that includes the smack-talking Louis Mason.

In the preview, you will see that daddy JJ Da Boss will flag off the two racers.

What happens on Street Outlaws: Memphis?

The preview reveals the personalities of all those involved. JJ Da Boss is always confident in his team’s ability, and he raised and trained his oldest son Doughboy to be a champion street racer like himself.

Street Outlaws: Memphis is a family affair featuring Precious Cooper, Queen of the Streets racing alongside Doughboy, Midget, and JJ.  Precious is JJ Da Boss’s cousin.

Midget is Tricia Day’s nickname. She is JJ Da Boss’s second wife.

Doughboy is Josh Day, and he bears the nickname Doughboy, perhaps for his portly appearance. He is JJ Da Boss’s eldest son of what we estimate is 11 children that “the Boss” has.

According to his Discovery biography, Doughboy was born in Joiner, Arkansas, and learned everything about street racing from his dad JJ Da Boss, including helping with custom builds and repairing the engines.

On his Facebook page, Doughboy described who he is and how he feels about his family:

DoughBoy started racing about 2 yrs ago. He’s always been with his dad (JJ) when he raced & he’s always helped work on the cars since he was a little boy… His dad is his hero, inspiration & all the above. Family means everything to him!

The preview clip has JJ pep talking him ahead of the flag drop. Doughboy says he was locked in for $1,000 with Louis in a race.

Louis Mason is a character, and from what we could decipher, he says he has come to kick “Doughboy’s a**.”

JJ drops the flag, and the race is on!

Exclusive preview of Street Outlaws: Memphis:

Tune in tonight as race night gets rough and loud when Memphis welcomes a new racing group from Virginia.

As MSO does, the newcomers talk a big game but run out of cars after only a few races, leaving Molly and Ole Heavy in the lurch and without a money race until Virginia can get their cars sorted and return to race Memphis.

Street Outlaws: Memphis airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on Discovery Channel.