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Steve Bradley: Who is ‘Foam Party Steve’ on Below Deck?

Foam Party Steve on Below Deck really is into boating
On Below Deck, Foam Party Steve livens everything up. Pic credit: Steve Bradley/Facebook

Bravo’s Below Deck Season 6 hits television screens tonight, and as usual, the antics on the high sea are full of raucous fun, plenty of swill, and just a bit (okay a ton) of naughtiness!

Appearing in the Season 6 premiere is Steve “Foam Party” Bradley, a guest who has been on the show before and is back for more. Foam Party Steve is arguably one of the show’s most colorful not to mention outrageous guests, and there have been lots of those!

Steve is a hotel owner and friend of Captain Lee. These two team up again tonight, and it ought to be fun!

Viewers will remember the memorable Steve from season 3, episode 1, titled, “More Foam, Bosun!” He was the Primary Charter Guest and left quite an impression with his, um, outdated requests.

Steve included a foam party with blinky lights on his preference sheet, leading the crew to question which century we’re currently in.

Keeping with his oldies theme, Steve also demanded that the yacht cruise around until they located the band Aerosmith, rumored to be in the area. And then what, Steve?

Oh, and did we mention that Steve was infamous for being three sheets to the wind 24/7? Despite his preference for Stone Age entertainment, Steve was one of Below Deck’s funniest guests of all time.

But wait, there’s actually more to the story of Foam Party Steve. Apparently Steve has a kinder, gentler side to him, and after his stint on Below Deck he treated Captain Lee and his wife, along with a couple of crew members, to a lavish dinner. He extended his generosity by inviting the group to Acapulco to chill at the home he has there.

For Season 6, Below Deck traveled to Tahiti, and for the first time ever there’s a man among the interior crew, steward Josiah Carter.

Be sure to tune in tonight for all of the sexy, boozy antics sure to pop up. Oh, and we might even see Steve water-ski in a tuxedo jacket again!

Below Deck airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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