Some Big Brother fans think a video proves hinky vote from Cory

Cory BB25
The Big Brother 2023 cast included Cory Wurtenberger as a player. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

The Big Brother 25 cast voted to evict Red Utley on Thursday night.

This was the first time that an eviction vote wasn’t unanimous.

Red received eight votes from the BB25 houseguests, while Jag Bains received two.

But some Big Brother fans think that Jag received a third vote.

So what happened?

Some Big Brother fans believe that Cory Wurtenberger also voted for Jag but had his voice dubbed on the live episode.

Did Cory Wurtenberger vote for Jag Bains?

In the official vote count from the September 7 episode, Cameron Hardin and Bowie Jane voted to evict Jag.

Everyone else (eight people) voted to evict Red, at least according to Julie’s count.

Many social media users posted video clips from the latest episode of Big Brother. In the clip, those fans say they can see Cory mouth the name “Jag” as the audio says “Red” in the Diary Room.

“I vote to evict Red,” Cory can be heard saying in the video below.

But fans are not in agreement about what took place.

His brother (Zach Wurtenberger) has stated that Cory went through voice therapy as a child to get help with his pronunciation. Did that play into this?

Could it be possible that Cory mistakenly said “Jag” and meant to vote for “Red” instead? That could have led to an easy edit from the production team.

Cory’s vote didn’t matter in the end, as it would have resulted in a 7-3 vote (instead of 8-2) if he had gone after Jag.

The topic could lead to many debates online in the coming week, especially after the producers did nothing about Jared Fields using the R-word against another houseguest.

More news from Big Brother

In his exit interviews, Red Utley explained why he didn’t trust America Lopez.

He also shared his frustrations with Cirie Fields for what she did to him this summer.

Red has also addressed whether or not he wants to be friends with Cameron Hardin outside the house.

And now the Special Olympics released a statement condemning Jared’s word choice in the game. It followed on the heels of Jag’s family shading Jared on social media.

Big Brother fans should note that the BB25 episode schedule has shifted at CBS. Nights and times will change as CBS rolls out the Fall 2023 TV schedule.

There are now rumors about a bonus season of Big Brother coming up this winter on CBS.

Big Brother 25 airs on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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