Big Brother 25 spoilers: Who went home and who is the new HOH?

Cameron Hardin BB25
Cameron Hardin survived another week in the Big Brother house. Pic credit: CBS

Another Big Brother Eviction Ceremony took place on Thursday night.

Jared Fields was the Week 5 Head of Household, where he targeted Cameron Hardin for eviction.

Cameron won the Power of Veto, saving himself from the block.

This was the third time Cameron survived being on the block.

The final nominees for the week became Red Utley and Jag Bains, with one of them about to go home.

Matt Klotz already used his secret power, so no twist was coming during the September 7 episode.

Who got voted out on Big Brother 25?

Jag and Red were each convinced they would be safe.

The same alliances assured them it was the other person getting voted out.

But behind the scenes, constant flip-flopping was taking place by BB25 cast members.

Cameron voted to evict Jag, Bowie Jane voted to evict Jag, Blue Kim voted to evict Red, and America Lopez voted to evict Red.

The vote was 2-2 as host Julie Chen Moonves took the show to a commercial break. No matter how the vote went from there, it would be the first non-unanimous eviction of the season.

They got back to voting after the commercials.

Matt Klotz voted to evict Red, Cirie Fields voted to evict Red, Izzy Gleicher voted to evict Red, Cory Wurtenberger voted to evict Red, Felicia Cannon voted to evict Red, and Mecole Hayes voted to evict Red.

Red Utley was voted off Big Brother (8-2).

Who is the new Big Brother Head of Household?

The houseguests went to the backyard to compete in a live Head of Household Competition.

Julie told them the upcoming week would be filled with humiliation and punishments.

Jared watched as the rest of the BB25 cast members answered trivia questions about an extended video.

Everyone got the first question correct.

Everyone also got the second question correct.

Bowie Jane, Matt, and Cirie missed question three.

Felicia, America, Blue, Mecole, and Jag missed question four.

Izzy, Cory, and Cameron were the last three people left playing.

Izzy and Cory missed question five.

Cameron Hardin won Head of Household again.

More news from Big Brother 25

Jared Fields used the R-word in the Big Brother house, and many fans were upset about it.

It led to the Special Olympics putting out a statement about Jared’s words.

Expelled houseguest Luke Valentine also shared the code of conduct after he learned what Jared had done.

Fans should note that the Big Brother episode schedule has shifted.

Big Brother 25 airs on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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9 months ago

Remove Jared from the game it’s not fair for one guest to get booted out and him stay ! Let’s be fair!!

9 months ago

I feel the same Teta Jared needs to go. I feel if they don’t get rid of him them me and others are going to stop watching. There is going to be a great lineup soon and I will go to them instead of a show that can not do the right thing. Talking about playing the race card!