Sojaboy is angry at 90 Day Fiance for shady edit regarding the scene with Zara

Sojaboy speaks out against 90 Day Fiance for editing clip of his phone call with Zara.
Sojaboy is upset about editing. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, star Sojaboy is angry about how things went down during Part 1 of the Tell All, and he’s blaming it all on editing.

Things got tense between Sojaboy and Kim Menzies after showing a clip of what happened after Kim left Tanzania.

The final episode showed Sojaboy placing a call to his ex-girlfriend Zara after Kim returned to the U.S, but when the clip was played at the Tell All, it shocked the 50-year-old.

However, Sojaboy spoke out and claimed the scene was edited to appear much different than it was. He said the call to Zara did not occur in the aired order.

Sojaboy calls out 90 Day Fiance for shady edit

After seeing the clip of Sojaboy making a call to his ex, Kim was so upset that she exited the stage and requested time to compose herself.

However, Sojaboy is upset at how the scene played out, and the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star took to social media to blast the production company.

In the now-deleted post captured by 90 Day Fiance fan page @90daydaily, Sojaboy called out the show for the way the scene was edited and cleared up the confusion regarding his phone call to Zara.

“To see and hear that I called Zara after Kimberly left, that was not true,” said the 32-year-old in his post.”The call with Zara was five days out of 21 days after I arrived in Zanzibar and I never wanted to do it.”

Sojaboy suggested that he was talked into making the call to his ex-girlfriend and didn’t do it out of his own volition.

“It took me two hours to be convinced,” said Sojaboy, who then added, “I blame myself for doing it, but why [tell] the world that I make the call after Kim left?”

Sojaboy slams Sharp Entertainment for misleading viewers.
Pic credit: @90dayfiance/Instagram

Sojaboy says he’s been good to Kim Menzies

The 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star continued to air his displeasure at the network, and he went on to make it clear that he had been nothing but good to Kim Menzies.

After the scene with Zara was replayed at the Tell All, viewers bashed Sojaboy for his behavior. However, in his lengthy rant, which he posted and quickly deleted, he opened up about his relationship with Kim.

I have been good to that woman, and she will testify that,” said Sojaboy, who also made it known that despite the assumptions, Kim does not finance his life.

“I make more than my woman Kim..” said Sojaboy, who then added a clear message for production.

“Pls tell my story how [it is] don’t edit bcus next time I will not tolerate this,” he added.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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Dawn O
Dawn O
11 months ago

90 day is getting ridiculous and out of hand. They cause problems with the couples, all for the ratings….STOP

11 months ago

I was rooting for Usman during that call, hoping him and Zara would get back together! Kim is obviously NOT his “match” no more than old Lisa was, they’re both old and desperate, just like was said by Ben. Go get a younger woman. Stop being looking for those old hags, I think he is as desperate as Kim. But then again I guess thegold, the MacBook and.other expensive gifts might have been worth a roll in the hay with the old desperate chicks (Lisa and Kim) eewwwww for him!