Sister Wives star Christine Brown’s cousin takes aim at polygamy, calling plural marriage ‘unnatural’

Christine Brown's cousin slams Sister Wives and polygamy,
Anna LeBaron, the cousin of Sister Wives star Christine Brown, escaped polygamy as a teen. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives star Christine Brown’s cousin, Anna LeBaron, is taking aim at polygamy, calling plural marriage “unnatural.”

Anna is not merely judging Christine and Kody’s lifestyle from afar. She has first-hand knowledge of polygamy, having escaped it as a teen.

In an interview with The Sun, Anna got real about life in polygamy. She also co-wrote a book in 2017, The Polygamist’s Daughter, which detailed life in polygamy and her escape from it too.

Polygamy is the family way

Christine’s maternal grandfather, Floren LeBaron, and Anna’s father, Ervil LeBaron, are brothers, making the two women second cousins. However, Anna and Christine have never met due to family conflict involving Anna’s father and Christine’s paternal grandfather, Rulon.

Anna’s father, Ervil, had 13 wives and 51 children before he died in prison for killing Rulon. After his death, Anna fled polygamy as a teen, leaving her mother behind.

“It’s difficult to leave something you’ve known your whole life. It’s hard to leave polygamy when you don’t know anything else. My mom never figured out a way to leave it,” she shared with The Sun.

Two cousins and even Christine’s own mother left the lifestyle, but Anna is not surprised that Christine is still one of Kody’s wives.

Anna calls plural marriage “unnatural”

Anna is adamant that women do not want to share their men. She has said there is nothing natural about plural marriages or polygamy.

“Women do not want their husband with another love interest. They don’t naturally do that,” Anna said. “Grown adults choosing and consenting, but polygamy is especially religiously motivated. Women don’t naturally share their husbands.”

Despite their different life choices and family fighting, Anna hopes to meet Christine one day. Anna is realistic, though, and knows it is unlikely she will ever meet the Sister Wives star. The family history makes it challenging, as does Anna continuously being vocal about polygamy.

Anna’s remarks are nothing Christine or the rest of the Brown family haven’t heard before. Sister Wives, although a hit for TLC, has also been plagued with controversy over the polygamy lifestyle.

Kody, Christine, and the rest of the family continue to ignore the haters. The Brown’s live life the way they want, including Meri, who is currently distancing herself from the famous family. She has come into her own over the past year, only surrounding herself with close friends, family, and daughter Mariah.

Anna LeBaron is Christine Brown’s cousin, but they have a completely different stance on plural marriages.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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