Maddie Brown Brush defends Evie’s amputation after Sister Wives fans question her decision

Maddie Brown Brush explains choice to amputate daughter Evie‘s foot.
Maddie is defending the choice to amputate her daughter’s foot. Pic credit: @MaddieBrush/Instagram

Sister Wives star Maddie Brown Brush is defending daughter Evie’s amputation after her decision was questioned by fans.

Evie, whose real name is Evangalynn Kodi, was born with a rare genetic syndrome where some of her bones’ limbs didn’t fully form. The condition is called fibular aplasia, tibial campomelia, and oligosyndactyly syndrome, or FATCO syndrome.

Maddie and husband Caleb’s daughter, Evie, was born missing three fingers, a toe, and a fibula. She also had two fingers that were fused together, a bowed tibia, and a shortened forearm.

Maddie has chronicled the family’s experience educating themselves and others on Evie’s condition. She and husband Caleb were hesitant to go public at first but realized they didn’t want Evie ever to feel ashamed.

Stopping hate with knowledge

Along with the openness comes the public’s judgment. Maddie experienced that first-hand and after sharing the latest update on her daughter. The protective mama is now standing up to the haters by explaining her decision and being open to any questions.

“You cut her foot off?” “If she was functional, why did you amputate?” “Wait, where is her foot?” “Was it really necessary to cut her foot off?”. These are all questions I have received since Evie’s Surgery,” Maddie began her Instagram message.

“I understand the questions, and at first glance, I would ask the same thing,” she continued.

Maddie went on to explain the medical options that were available to help her daughter.

“Evie’s left Tibia bone, along with the bowing it had, was also about a 1/3 shorter than her right. When she’s little it’s not super noticeable unless closely looked at. As she grows though, we were looking at the possibility of a dramatic difference,” she continued.

“Some families and people opt for a lengthening surgery, but Miss Evie’s difference was in the grey area of if that was even possible or not. With at least 4 major surgeries and the possibility of having to amputate in the end, we chose a Boyd amputation.”

Researching the best option for Evie

The TLC personality made it clear that she and Caleb did not make the decision lightly. They spent nearly a year researching all the options given to them by Evie’s doctors, other families, prosthetists, and other amputees.

Maddie shared some insight with fans on what she called “limb difference education.”

“Before Evie, I classified amputees as one category,” she stated. “You amputated because there was no way of saving the limb. I think that goes along with #limbdifference education. Sometimes it’s about quality of life. Due to this, I wanted to give a more in-depth explanation and answer all at once. I hope it will all bring awareness to a part of the #limbdifference world.”

Maddie fends daughter Evie's surgery post
Pic credit: @MaddieBrush/Instagram

The comments section of Maddie Brown Brush’s Instagram post defending daughter Evie’s amputation was filled with positive responses. Fans offered love, support, and praise for Maddie using her knowledge to educate the haters.

Several users also expressed their frustration over Maddie even having to defend her choice. After all, Evie is her and Caleb’s daughter. They made the best decision to give their daughter the best life possible, plain and simple.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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Cynthia Scarber
Cynthia Scarber
3 years ago

No one should ever have to so called fans, parent’s have to make the hardest decision when it comes to having a child with a disability or even answering children who do not even have a disability all about supporting the parents that have to make these hard decisions and I am very supportive of Maddie and her family may God bless all of you

Deb Zang
Deb Zang
3 years ago

Maddie you do not need to answer to anyone. Yoy know what is best

2 years ago

I just saw the episode where Evie’s parents decided to amputate her lower left limb. Immediately, I thought I wouldn’t have opted amputation, but the truth is we’re all on the outside looking in on these people’s lives. We don’t know the details and we don’t know the full story. I assume the prognosis for full recovery was very low and the parents didn’t want to put Evie through multiple surgeries. It was a brave decision and I know they will be fine.