Sister Wives spoiler: Kody Brown accuses son Gabriel of gaslighting him

Kody and Gabriel Brown of Sister Wives
Kody says his son Gabriel gaslit him regarding their COVID-19 fallout. Pic credit: TLC

In the upcoming episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown accuses his and Janelle Brown’s son, Gabriel, of gaslighting him.

Last season, Sister Wives viewers watched as Kody’s ultra-strict COVID-19 rules caused division among his large, polygamous family.

Kody insisted that in order for his wives and kids to be able to spend time with him in person, they must abide by his rules, but not everyone was on board.

One of Kody’s staunchest adversaries was Gabriel, who wasn’t willing to abide by his dad’s rules, and continued to have a social life and work outside the home, two things that went against Kody’s protocols.

In a clip from the October 23 episode of Sister Wives, Kody and Gabriel meet up when they head to Coyote Pass to prepare Janelle’s RV ahead of her and Savanah moving in.

When an issue needs to be repaired on the RV, Kody and Gabriel find themselves in an argument. During his solo confessional, Kody told the camera that Gabriel didn’t know “anything” about the RV or how to repair it.

Gabriel Brown says tensions have been ‘high’ with Kody Brown over COVID-19 protocols

During his solo confessional, Gabriel revisited his issues with his dad. “Me and my dad, we don’t talk as much as we used to,” Gabriel admitted. “Ever since we, like, talked about COVID[-19] and stuff and I voiced how I was not appreciating how he was handling it, tension has been really high.”

Continuing, Gabriel revealed that he felt as though Kody was “tired of putting effort into maintaining something” with him, namely a father-son relationship.

For his part, Kody defended his actions, telling the camera that the issue at hand was that Gabriel “doesn’t know what’s going on” and blamed his son for his reactions towards his COVID-19 pandemic protocols, adding, “Gabriel knew what the rules were, he was gaslighting me, I feel like.”

Sister Wives star Kody Brown’s strict rules caused tension among the family

During the Season 16 Tell All, Sister Wives: One on One, Kody admitted that he and his sons Gabriel and Garrison weren’t on speaking terms and needed therapy.

While Christine Brown was still part of the family, she and Janelle disobeyed Kody’s rules, causing tension within their relationships. Kody’s first wife, Meri, and his fourth wife, Robyn, however, were willing to obey his rules, so they were rewarded by being able to spend time with him.

However, amid his estranged, sexless marriage to Meri, Kody has been spending most of his time at his “favorite wife” Robyn’s house with their five kids, something that caused further division among the family.

You can watch the clip in its entirety here.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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11 months ago

People have a tendency to accuse others of the very thing they are guilty of…wake up Kody. The world sees you for who you REALLY are.