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Sister Wives spoiler: Christine Brown on Robyn joining the family: ‘We all came out of this scarred’

Robyn, Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown of Sister Wives
Robyn Brown got tearfully upset over her lack of connection with Kody’s other wives during the tell all. Pic credit: TLC

During part two of Sister Wives: One on One, Christine Brown revealed that Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn Brown, joining their family left all of them “scarred.”

Robyn has often been blamed for contributing to the separation within the Brown family when she joined their polygamous family in 2010.

In the second installment of Sister Wives: One on One, Sukanya Krishnan talked to Kody’s other wives about Robyn’s place in the family.

Sitting down with Christine Brown, Sukanya told Kody’s now-ex-wife, “The other sister wives haven’t been so accepting of Robyn and her kids.”

Sister Wives: One on One part two: Christine Brown admits Robyn joining the family ‘scarred’ everyone

“I think that at the beginning, it was really hard,” Christine admitted. “Blending families together is really difficult.”

When Robyn joined the Brown family, she brought three children from her previous marriage: her daughters Breanna and Aurora and her son Dayton.

Christine added that there were a lot of “hurt feelings” among all of the wives and revealed, “We all came out of this scarred.”

However, Christine was adamant that it was never her intention to “alienate” Robyn or her kids.

For Kody’s turn on the couch, he explained the “pecking order” among his wives and how it affected a “new” wife every time she entered the family.

“Like, Meri was really hard on Janelle, and then Janelle and Meri were hard on Christine, and then Janelle and Meri and Christine were hard on Robyn,” Kody said. “And Robyn’s like going, ‘Well, I didn’t do this to you. I didn’t do this. Why are you being this way?'”

Kody then disclosed that other than his first wife Meri, he’s not sure Janelle or Christine ever wanted to be Robyn’s friend.

Next, Robyn sat down with Sukanya and talked of a recent conversation she had with Janelle.

Robyn Brown is ‘angry’ Kody’s other wives aren’t trying to ‘figure this stuff out’

“I want the good sister wife relationship. I know they exist,” Robyn said she told Janelle.

Robyn then said that Janelle told her she’d have to “think about that.”

Janelle, who is “not in sync” with Kody, admitted during her interview that she and Robyn have a history of not getting along, despite her own “desire” to.

“But I’m kind of like, ‘Ugh, do I want to do this again?'” Janelle shared of welcoming another sister wife when Robyn joined the family.

When Sukanya asked Janelle whether she wants a “deeper” relationship with Robyn, similar to the one she shares with Christine, Janelle didn’t give a clear cut answer.

“Yes, I think so, but I don’t know,” was Janelle’s response.

When Sukanya told Robyn that she appears to be the “only one that’s having a fully functioning relationship” with Kody, Robyn teared up when she admitted that it makes her “angry.”

Robyn struggled to compose herself as she wept and rhetorically asked, “How am I going to get through this interview?”

Sukanya asked Robyn why she’s so angry, and she explained, “I just don’t know why they’re not figuring this stuff out.”

Tune in Sunday night to catch the rest of part two of Sister Wives: One on One and hear Meri’s take on the situation.

Part two of Sister Wives: One on One airs this Sunday, February 6 at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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  1. I really dont think Robyn is as torn up as she likes to appear. Cryin Robyn does have Kodys ear and she needs to tell him it is not right how he does not keep working at Meri and Janelle and even Christine before she left. The problem is Kody. He wants women to cow tow to him, but seems to not care enough to work at the other 3 wives. He says he has no favorites?? He has enjoyed this time with Robyn because he has no other responsibilities and she does whatever he says. THAT is NOT marriage.

  2. I am very disappointed in Kody. He moved to fast with Robin and her kids. I agree with the comment above , Kody didn’t even try to understand Meri and how lonely he made her feel. I truly think Kody is a pampas ass . He likes for everyone to think he can make all 4 of women happy. He should have stopped with 3. I’m very anti Kody now. I never use to be, I admired him to a point, but he would rather be with Robin and her kids than the ones he had before with the other 3 wives. If I was any of the other 3 wives I’d say he is all yours Robin. This is what you wanted.

    • He is not a good person and they r disrespecting their selves as women staying .christine is smart to leave .cause the others r not his wives only robyn

  3. Kody is a fraud. Being a friend is not being a husband. No intimacy with 3 of the 4 “wives” is a JOKE. They should all walk away and find their person. Each one deserves intimacy and someone who is in love with them and respects them and is by their side day in and day out. They must be brain washed or something.

  4. I see a nerves breakdown in Kody’s future! This idiot is caught up in his own lies. He’s not the king of his domain’s anymore. Robin is! She dictates and he follows her every move. Proud of Christine for leaving a unhealthy life with him. She is free to do whatever she pleases and not get permission from him. Meri and Janelle will stay and be friends because Robin wants it like that too. Bottom line he threw them away like trash. Kody is pitiful and the lowest he can be as a man or bum.

  5. Why is this all Robyn’s fault? Look, not a fan of Kody at all. But there looks to be a real mean girl attitude between Janelle and Christine….they deliberately leave out Meri and Robyn, because in mean girl world they have to be on top….and that means their kids will follow their lead and believe them….Kody is an ass, no question, but his other wives are also calculating and manipulative….none, in my opinion, have any room at all to criticize or demean any of the others….they all do this for one reason ….MONEY and they all are as phony as a 2 dollar bill.


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