Sister Wives: Mykelti Padron is feeling herself again after giving birth, shares six week update on baby Avalon

Mykelti Padron of Sister Wives
Mykelti Padron is feeling good in her body again after giving birth to six-week old daughter, Avalon. Pic credit: TLC

Mykelti Padron of Sister Wives updated her followers six weeks after giving birth to her daughter, Avalon, and told fans that she’s “feeling good” in her body again.

The 24-year-old new mom was happy to share with her 201k followers that although she’s still navigating motherhood, she’s finally starting to feel like herself once again and gave updates on baby Avalon.

Mykelti shared that she and husband Tony are ‘figuring out parenthood’

Earlier this week, Mykelti shared an outdoor selfie on Instagram, wearing a black and pink ruffle floral top with black shorts and her long hair cascading to her waist and captioned her photo, “I’m getting a rhythm with Avalon Asa down finally and @tonychessnut are figuring out parenthood and all the everything that comes with it.”

“But I’m still an individual person without my baby too and I’m feeling good in my body again.”

Mykelti and Tony welcomed their first child, daughter Avalon Asa, on April 8, after revealing last fall that they were expecting a baby girl after a gender reveal party.

Avalon, who is now six weeks old, seems to be adjusting well to life outside the womb

Mykelti also shared an update on Avalon with her followers, and included several pics, including one of Avalon on her chest, another pic of Avalon sporting a one-piece athletic suit, and one of Avalon with the Padron’s dog, Spader.

The TLC star captioned her post with an update on Avalon’s development: “Avalon likes it best tummy to chest. #babygirl is 6 weeks now she weighs 12lbs and no longer fits in new born diapers. Her hair has gown to overlap her ears now.”

“It’s not a lot but it’s getting longer and thicker and blonder too. She sleeps better and better and eats well too. We have good days with a nice routine and just okay days when our routine doesn’t always happen.”

The new mom said that every day with daughter Avalon is ‘wonderful’ and she ‘treasures’ them

“Every day with her is wonderful and I treasure them. Spader and her have been getting along great. They haven’t figured out what the other one is yet but they’re cordial LOL[.]”

Mykelti and Tony, unfortunately, already had to fend off trolls when Mykelti addressed them in a Mother’s Day post, and shortly after Avalon was born, when trolls got rude in the comments on a post about Avalon, insulting Tony’s appearance and behavior.

The reality tv personality hinted that her home birth with Avalon was filmed and will be featured in an episode of Sister Wives.

While the show is on hiatus, Mykelti and her husband of nearly five years, Tony, can enjoy being parents to their newborn daughter.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.