Sister Wives: Fans got rude in posts about Tony and Mykelti and their newborn daughter, also took aim at Kody

Mykelti and Tony Padron and Kody Brown of Sister Wives
Sister Wives fans got rude in the comments on posts about Mykelti and Tony’s new baby. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives stars Mykelti and Tony Padron recently announced the birth of their firstborn daughter, Avalon. Still, fans of the show took it as an opportunity to attack the new parents and even baby Avalon’s grandfather, Kody Brown.

Tony Padron and Mykelti, Kody and Christine Brown’s daughter, welcomed their daughter earlier this week via home birth. Mykelti had hinted that her birth would be featured in an episode of Sister Wives.

TLC shared a post on Thursday with a pic of the couple gushing over their newborn daughter, who is only a few days old.

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Sister Wives fans showed up in the comments, and not all of them were there to congratulate the couple on what should be one of the happiest days of their lives.

Instead, many fans commented on their appearance and hygiene, Tony’s intelligence, his sexuality, and past behaviors on the show.

One fan of the show commented with a backhanded compliment and wrote, “Congrats! Her husband needs a haircut.”

Someone added to their opinion with, “and a shower.”

One fan thought Tony looked like a female and posted, “I totally thought he was a chick.”

Mykelti and Tony Padron of Sister Wives on TLC on Instagram
Fans got rude in the comments section. Pic credit: @tlc/Instagram

More rude comments made their way onto the post and some took it too far

Somebody commented that Tony’s facial hair was “disgusting” and that he had a “wannabe beard and mustache.”

Another troll wrote, “I will never forget when he expected the Brown’s to pay for their wedding .. he showed his truly colors and was so disrespectful to the family.”

Another follower agreed and added, “I agree!! He’s super immature and honestly seems to be developmentally challenged or something – like low IQ.”

Tony’s sexuality was the subject of the next commenter, who wrote, “i actually thought he was gay when he first came around”

Mykelti and Tony Padron of Sister Wives on TLC on Instagram
Even more followers commented with rude statements about the couple. Pic credit: @tlc/Instagram

The ill-mannered comments didn’t stop there

More fans of the show took aim at the new parents.

Mykelti and Tony Padron of Sister Wives on TLC's Instagram
Sister Wives fans attacked the new parents. Pic credit: @tlc/Instagram

One follower wrote of Tony, “He looks like a caveman” and yet another was surprised that the couple was still married.

Another person couldn’t “deal with this Tony guy” and included a vomiting emoji.

The rude comments weren’t only aimed at Mykelti and Tony

Mykelti’s dad, Kody Brown, also shared his excitement for the birth of his third grandchild, Avalon. He and his third wife, Christine, are the proud biological grandparents of baby Padron.

But in true Sister Wives fans’ fashion, there were at least a few rude comments aimed at the Brown family patriarch.

Two of Kody’s followers on Twitter stopped by his comments to voice their disapproval of his own choices about having more children.

One fan had some choice words for Kody and accused him of being a “horny old fart.”

They wrote, “Your children should be having children you and Robin should not be having children you have enough children give the children time to have grown children you’re just a horny old fart”

Kody Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
Fans lashed out at Kody on a post congratulating Mykelti and Tony on the birth of their daughter. Pic credit: @realkodybrown/Twitter

Another of Kody’s followers had a similar sentiment: “See they needed a baby Kody not you Kody you don’t need anymore kids Kody you don’t spend time with all your 18 kids”

Kody recently talked with his fourth wife, Robyn about the possibility of having more kids of their own, but they didn’t see eye-to-eye on the idea.

If Kody decides not to add anymore children to his brood, he still has 18 other kids and now three grandkids to share between his four wives.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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Robert H Fritch
Robert H Fritch
2 years ago

Kody needs to get his head out of his freaking ass and stop thinking about his needs.

2 years ago

Well I am glad others feel like me. Tony is so ugly he literally makes me sick. Mykelti is no prize pig, but he is revolting. Truly one hideous creature