Sister Wives: Maddie Brush talks about struggles of motherhood, shares updates on son’s condition

Sister Wives: Maddie Brush - Axel
Sister Wives star Maddie Brush with her son, Axel. Pic credit: @madison_rose11/Instagram

Sister Wives star Maddie Brown Bush gets real about motherhood. The TLC star is already a mom of two but she still finds herself struggling at times. Recently, the 25-year-old mama dished about the challenges she faces, particularly with her son, Axel.

Sister Wives: Maddie Brush opens up about son’s condition

Kody and Janelle Brown’s daughter, Maddie Brush, shared some insights about the current condition of her 3-year-old son, Axel. The Sister Wives cast member took to Instagram earlier this week and talked about the progress of her eldest child.

Maddie’s son, Axel, was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS). It is a condition in which the child has difficulty making accurate movements when speaking. As a result, learning and producing words is extra challenging.

In the lengthy post, the Sister Wives star revealed that Axel has improved a lot since he started doing speech therapy.

The TLC star said her son has “come light-years” since they started seeking help over a year ago.

Although Axel’s communication has greatly improved, Maddie said he’s still “behind what other kids his age are at.” Still, she’s keeping a positive attitude and believes in her son’s capabilities.

Maddie reveals her struggles

Maddie Brush also shared some of the struggles she’s dealing with as a mother. The Sister Wives celeb recalled how she’s constantly worried about almost everything when it comes to her kids.

The reality star recalled the time when he got so worried about Axel not gaining enough weight as a baby. This is despite the fact that her son was clearly “huge” at the time.

The Sister Wives celeb also faced some challenges with her youngest child, Evie. The adorable tot was diagnosed with FATCO syndrome. It is a very rare genetic disorder that affects the formation of bones in utero.

Little Evie was born “missing three fingers, a toe and her fibula.” She also had a “bowed tibia, a shortened forearm and some fusing in her fingers.”

The Sister Wives star and her husband, Caleb Brush, decided it’s best for Evie to undergo amputation surgery. Now, over a year later, the little girl is thriving and living a happy life with her family.

Sister Wives: Maddie stays positive amid challenges of parenthood

Despite the challenges of motherhood, Maddie Brush remains positive for the sake of her children. The Sister Wives star learned to deal with the challenges of parenthood in a more efficient way.

“This phase will come and go then I will be worried about the next thing I am sure,” Maddie wrote, referring to her worries about her son. “It’s just the nature of parenthood. I wanted to share because I know I am not alone in this!”

The Sister Wives star added, “One thing comes and goes and then you face the next hurdle because there will be one. What matters is your kids know they are loved, the rest figures itself out.”

Sister Wives returns Sunday, February 14 at 10/9c on TLC.

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