Sister Wives: Kody Brown isn’t happy with plural marriage anymore

Sister Wives: Kody Brown isn't happy with plural marriage anymore
Kody Brown in a Sister Wives confessional. Pic credit: TLC

During a family dinner turned confessional, the cast of Sister Wives laid all their feelings on the table. 

Robyn Brown expressed her suspicions that her entry into the family was why they were having issues, and it was the unsaid “pink elephant” in the room. 

Christine Brown said she feels like she’s on the outside looking in, that she doesn’t think any of them likes her, and that she’s not even sure she likes herself.

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Meri said she lacks a feeling of community in Flagstaff and struggles with not having any friends. She sympathized with Christine in feeling like an outsider. 

By far, the biggest confession, however, came from patriarch Kody Brown. First, he said he didn’t want to advocate for plural marriage anymore (and, to be fair, it’s unlikely that anyone watching the latest seasons of Sister Wives is going to convert).

Then he admitted that knowing what he knows now, he’s not sure he’d do it again. 

Kody is worried his wives feel a religious obligation to plural marriage

“I do not like the idea that you guys are in a plural marriage with me because you were commanded to,” Kody told his wives. “When we’re doing good, I get idealistic…and when we’re not…I get grouchy, and I can’t believe I’ve done this to me and you.” 

This was a blow to his wives, who didn’t see the point in saying it because not only was it discouraging, but he had made his choice and couldn’t go back now.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Kody clarified, “I like my life. If you guys complain to me very much, it sticks in my head, and I wonder if you like yours.” 

The root of Kody’s issue, then, seems to be his guilt over his inability to give every wife all of the love and attention they desire, as well as his fear that religion is the only reason they’re still married. 

Kody think plural marriage is the root of their issues

Kody doesn’t think any of them is enjoying their marriage, nor are they respecting it. He asks if the root of their issues isn’t specific issues with each wife but with plural marriage itself. 

“Plural marriage isn’t normal,” he said. 

Kody’s wives threw out a few reasons that they’ve been so fractured in recent years (going public, moving into different houses, leaving Utah).

However, Kody tweeted that the reason they stopped spending much time together was because of “a deep emotional need to be separate.”

Perhaps TLC’s resident polygamist is having second thoughts.

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