Sister Wives: Janelle Brown gets behind one house idea, explains why wives should come together

Janelle Brown during a Sister Wives confessional.
Janelle Brown sides with Kody on Sister Wives. Pic credit: TLC

Janelle Brown is standing behind her man in the upcoming Sister Wives episode. As the Browns discuss what to do when it comes to living situations, everyone’s opinion is weighed.

The Sister Wives family has been all over the place in the last several years. From living in one big home to having separate houses, the Browns have a big decision ahead of them. Will they live together once again, or will things be even more separated than they were in Las Vegas?

Janelle Brown sides with Kody Brown on Sister Wives

There was no new episode of Sister Wives due to the Super Bowl this week, but Sunday’s episode is already available on the app.

On the upcoming show, Janelle Brown discusses what she feels will be the setbacks if the family chooses to live in separate houses spread across Arizona.

Moving around has been a big part of the recent seasons of Sister Wives. Janelle Brown is concerned the family will drift apart if they don’t choose to live in one big house.

She said, in part, “The living under one house. It wasn’t Utopia, there are things that definitely we need to change. But the whole idea of living together, I think, was so brilliant. And beautiful.”

Janelle Brown is on the same page as Kody Brown when it comes to a communal home. She feels things worked better, and they remained more tight-knit.

Some of that has been lost with the separate houses in Las Vegas. Even that was better than the idea of being all over the city in Arizona.

What do the other Sister Wives women think?

Viewers know where Kody Brown stands on the issue, but some of the wives have been less vocal. Christine Brown is definitely against communal living at this point in the union.

The Sister Wives star has lived with Kody and two other wives before, so her opinion and reasoning behind why she is opposed are drawn on experience.

Ironically, Meri and Robyn Brown are both on the iffy side. Meri Brown is the first wife, and Robyn is the newer wife. These two have arguments that support both doing the communal living in one house and living separately.

Without either choosing a side, the Sister Wives family remains in limbo regarding what to do next.

Without a concrete decision, Janelle Brown is left wondering what will happen to the family should they forgo living in one house and each live in a house on their own.

Sister Wives airs Sunday nights at 10/9c on TLC.

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