Sister Wives: Janelle Brown explains why she skipped out on RV living this summer

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown
Janelle explained to Sister Wives fans why she opted out of living in the RV. Pic credit: TLC

Janelle Brown explained to Sister Wives fans why she opted not to live in her RV for the summer.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Janelle was forced out of her Flagstaff, Arizona rental home last summer when her landlord listed it for sale.

Rather than looking for another rental or attempting to purchase a home in the crazy real estate market at the time, Janelle opted for an “alternative path” and chose to temporarily move into an RV on the Brown family’s property at Coyote Pass.

Janelle Brown reveals to Sister Wives fans why she isn’t living in the RV this summer

Recently, Janelle shared a video on Instagram, updating her 690K followers on her summer garden, which she simply captioned, “Garden update.”

Janelle walked her fans through her assortment of fruits and vegetables, including an impressive basil plant, some Roma tomatoes, zucchini, lettuce, and corn, noting that her and Kody Brown’s son, Gabriel, has been watering everything since she’s been so busy this month.

During the live video, Janelle fielded some questions from her curious fans, most of them asking questions or giving advice about gardening.

One of Janelle’s followers was curious why she didn’t move into the RV for the summer like last year. She addressed the question during her recording and revealed that her and Kody’s youngest child, 17-year-old daughter Savanah, was the reason behind her decision not to live the RV life this summer.

Janelle and Kody Brown’s daughter Savanah ‘really struggled’ with RV life

“You know, I didn’t go to the RV this summer,” Janelle told her fans. “Um, Savanah really struggled with the RV. Um… she was a trooper last year, but this year she said, ‘Mom, I can’t.'”

“She’s going into her senior year so she didn’t, um… so we opted to just, keep it — it’s at the repair shop right now — but we’ll use it on the weekends,” Janelle revealed.

Last fall, Janelle shared that she was moving off Coyote Pass and out of the RV, instead swapping for a short-term rental in town for the winter. “Trailer is headed down to storage for the winter. We decided to find short term housing in town instead of riding out the winter,” Janelle shared in a November 2022 Instagram post.

Janelle’s unique living conditions led many Sister Wives fans to wonder about her spiritual marriage to Kody and how their time together was spent. When a troll insinuated that Kody was in the wrong for “allowing” his second wife to live in an RV, Janelle fired back.

“I am a little disturbed that your ‘husband’ would just sit there and let you live like that,” the troll told Janelle in an Instagram post from July 2021. Janelle clapped back, telling her critic, “My husband didn’t do anything. I chose this. I’m shocked that you think I’m some sort of meek mild person that can be told to do anything that I don’t agree to.”

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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