Sister Wives: Janelle Brown moves RV off Coyote Pass, headed ‘in town’ for the winter

Janelle Brown of Sister Wives
Janelle Brown has moved off Coyote Pass and out of her RV. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has moved out of her RV amid her husband Kody’s split from Christine Brown.

Christine and Kody announced their split on Tuesday, November 2 via statements posted to their social media accounts.

The Browns are living as separate families

Shortly before announcing her split from Kody, Christine sold her Flagstaff, Arizona home and relocated to Utah, where’s renting a duplex just minutes from her daughter, Aspyn.

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Meri, Janelle, and Robyn are still living in Flagstaff, but the Browns have been living as four separate families for years now.

Meri splits her time between her expansive Flagstaff rental home and her bed and breakfast in Parowan, Utah, and Robyn is still living in her $890,000 house with Kody and their kids.

Janelle has been living in an RV on her lot at Coyote Pass, where the family purchased the property in 2018 when they relocated from Las Vegas to Flagstaff.

Now, Janelle has shared that is no longer living in the RV and has headed to a short-term rental home for the winter.

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown says ‘so long!’ to her RV

“So long trailer! See you next spring ?,” Janelle told her fans in an Instagram post. The 52-year-old mother of six also included a pic of a trailer transporting her RV to a storage facility.

Janelle, who spent Halloween in North Carolina with Maddie, revealed that she’s temporarily relocated “in town,” presumably in Flagstaff, though she didn’t specify which town or who else she’ll be living with. She was living with only her daughter Savanah in the RV so their quarters weren’t so cramped.

“Trailer is headed down to storage for the winter. We decided to find short term housing in town instead of riding out the winter,” the Sister Wives star added.

Janelle concluded her caption, “Next year I should be able to plug into infrastructure (i.e. electric, sewer, water). I loved loved loved living out on the land and look forward to next spring.”

It looks like Janelle is planning on staying with Kody, since she’s already looking forward to returning to Coyote Pass next year.

Janelle’s move out of the RV comes on the heels of Sister Wives fans speculating that she followed Christine Brown to Utah. Living next door in a duplex might have seemed like the perfect accommodations, but it looks like Janelle is satisfied enough in her marriage to Kody that she’s staying in Flagstaff.

Since rumors first began swirling that Christine was leaving Kody, Janelle has spent quite a bit of time with her now-former sister wife.

Janelle and Christine road-tripped together just last month when they took their daughters Savanah and Truely to Universal Studios in California.

Not surprisingly, Kody was absent from the trip.

Sister Wives returns for Season 16 on Sunday, November 21 at 10/9c on TLC.

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