Sister Wives fans think Christine Brown looks ‘different’ in new photo, many worry something is wrong

Sister Wives star Christine Brown.
Sister Wives star Christine Brown has fans worried that she’s not doing well after sharing photo on Instagram. Pic credit: TLC

Fans of TLC’s hit show Sister Wives are worried that something is going on with one of Kody Brown’s wives, Christine Brown.

Recently, Christine uploaded a selfie to Instagram that had fans buzzing with concern that Christine wasn’t doing well.

With all the drama surrounding the family, is Christine possibly hiding an illness? Or is this simply a result of her ongoing weight loss?

Fans worry that Christine Brown is not well

In the Instagram post, which was a promotional post where Christine was providing a discount code to her followers, Christine is posed for a close-up selfie showing off both her necklace and bracelet. Both pieces are delicate and have a minimalist look.

However, fans weren’t able to focus on the jewelry that Christine is promoting because they were too distracted by her changing looks.

Some were simply convinced that this wasn’t the same Christine Brown they had come to know and love.

“That is NOT Christine!” commented one fan.

Others were more concerned that she seems to be aging faster than they believe she should be.

“Omg.. she looks so old. Sorry I do not mean to be disrespectful,” wrote one follower.

“Doesn’t even look like her at all. Wtf even happened in such a short period of time to age her so much!” asked another.

Others were quick to criticize Christine’s looks by being just plain mean.

“Not a flattering look,” said a follower.

“You aged over night,” said another.


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Christine has been on a health and entrepreneurial journey

Longtime Sister Wives fans will have watched the family, including Christine, grow since its debut in 2010.

And though the wives have had several ventures over the years, most recently, Christine has been a LuLaRoe representative. This means that she makes money by selling beauty and clothing products to her followers.

From what she shares on Instagram, it seems that this is a rather lucrative venture for her.

She has also lost a significant amount of weight over the last few years. Whether or not she has been intentionally losing as much as it seems, her looks have drastically altered since beginning the show.

Regardless of if the drastic change in Christine’s looks is merely due to her weight loss or if there’s something more going on, fans can’t seem to help themselves when it comes to sharing their opinions on her looks.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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