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Sister Wives’ daughter Maddie Brown Brush brags about brother Robert’s photography skills, shares new photo of Evie

Maddie Brown Brush brags on brother Robert's photography skills
Maddie Brown Brush brags on brother Robert’s photography skills. Pic credit: @madison_rose1/Instagram

With so many adorable subjects to photograph in the Brown family, it’s no surprise that one of them has turned out to be an amazing budding photographer.  A recent Instagram post by Maddie Brown-Brush boasts the photography talent of her brother, Robert “Garrison” Brown.

Maddie posted an adorable photo of the newest addition of the Brown-Brush family, little Evie, adding that she was impressed by her brother’s photography skills.  She posted, “HELP ME!  We have the same camera and my photos suck!”

Maddie invited fans to check out her brother’s Instagram @robertthebrown and bragged about his nighttime sky photography specifically.

Robert Garrison Brown is a talented photographer

Robert’s Instagram showcases his talents, displaying mainly outdoor photos from his many adventures.  Maddie responded to a comment on the photo inquiring about the camera used.  “Nikon D3500 I got one after Evie was born and it’s been awesome.  I just wasn’t knowledgeable on it.”

With Robert’s help, she will be churning out beautiful photos of Evie and Axel in no time.

She told Sister Wives fans that Robert took the time to give her a lesson and some pointers with her new camera and that her skills have improved.  “Not the same talent level, but I’ll take the photos I can of my cute kids!!”

Maddie Brown Brush shares adorable photo of Evie
Maddie Brown Brush shares adorable photo of Evie. Pic credit: @maison_rose1/Instagram

Maddie keeps Sister Wives fans updated after Evie’s surgery

Maddie is of course referring to her two children, Axel and Evie.  Evie recently underwent a Boyd amputation, an amputation of her foot right below the ankle. She also had surgery to separate some webbing and fusion of her fingers.

These surgeries were due to her diagnosis in utero of FATCO syndrome.  FATCO syndrome is a very rare genetic disorder.  The disorder manifests typically with congenital limb malformation.

After receiving a number of criticisms and negative comments about the amputation announcement, Maddie took to her Instagram to explain her daughter’s condition in more detail and educate the naysayers on the misinformation that they may have.

By having the surgery now, Evie will have more mobility in the future. Maddie explained that she will be fitted for a prosthetic foot as soon as her doctors feel that it is the right time.

Maddie also explained that Evie’s tibia bone was about a third shorter than her other leg, and as a baby that would not be particularly noticeable or inhibit mobility as much. But as she grew this would lead to a much more dramatic difference and render the limb unusable.

Maddie assured fans that she and her husband did not take the surgery lightly and spent the better part of a year educating themselves on the Boyd amputation and the best course of action for their little girl.

She has been very candid and open with fans on social media, posting many photos of Evie in her casts, and videos of the little girl zooming around and being a typical toddler.  Hopefully, there will be many photos to come from both Maddie and her talented brother.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus. 

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