Sister Wives: Christine Brown celebrated as ‘most incredible human’ on 50th birthday by daughter Ysabel

Christine and Ysabel Brown of Sister Wives
Christine Brown turns 50 years old today. Pic credit: @ysabelpaigebrown/Instagram

Sister Wives star Christine Brown turns 50 years old today, and her daughter Ysabel paid tribute to her mom with a heartfelt message.

Christine is entering a new decade in her life as a single woman who made her dream come true and moved back to Utah to be closer to family.

Christine is a changed woman after her split from Kody Brown in November 2021, and Sister Wives fans love seeing it.

For Christine’s birthday, she and Kody’s 19-year-old daughter Ysabel shared a sweet message with her followers about how much her mom means to her.

Ysabel Brown shares sweet message for mom Christine Brown on 50th birthday

Ysabel opted to share a photo of herself and Christine standing in front of what appeared to be a party backdrop of yellow, black, and white tinsel.

The mother-daughter duo dressed in matching, black-and-gold attire, hinting at a 1920s-themed event with their flapper costumes.

“Happy birthday to my mommy,” Ysabel captioned her post. “Thank you for everything you are because everything you are is everything that i want to be. you are the most incredible human to have walked this earth and i strive everyday to have a heart life yours.”

“The woman you show up as today is the most beautiful woman in the world and i’m so grateful to have you in this life. the greatest privilege and honor i’ll ever have is having you as my mom,” Ysabel concluded her caption.

Interestingly, flappers of the 1920s are now “considered the first generation of independent American women.” Christine could say the same since she decided to leave Kody and plural marriage behind.

Sister Wives fans wish Christine Brown a happy 50th birthday

Many of Ysabel’s followers agreed with her caption and took to the comments section to wish Christine a happy birthday.

“So true. Happy birthday Christine,” commented one of Ysabel’s followers. “You are a wonderful human. I just adore you. I am your #1 fan from Québec Canada ??.”

Another one of Christine’s fans wrote, “Agreed!! We love Christine in this house! #superfan Happy Birthday!”

ysabel brown's IG followers wished christine brown a happy 50th birthday
Pic credit: @ysabelpaigebrown/Instagram

Christine received hundreds more comments, and the post was Liked by nearly 6,000 fans when this story was published, showing how loved the Sister Wives star is.

Christine and her daughter Ysabel have a special bond, given that Kody was completely – and voluntarily – absent for Ysabel’s back surgery to correct her scoliosis. Christine was left to care for Ysabel round the clock following her back surgery, but if Sister Wives fans have learned anything about Christine, it’s that she’ll do anything for her kids.

Last season, when Christine felt as though Kody was guilt-tripping her into choosing between him or their kids, she said, “If he wants me to make a choice between him and my kids, my kids will always win. Every. Single. Time.”

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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Sharron Scholzen
Sharron Scholzen
1 year ago

A belated Happy Birthday Christine! You deserve a very happy life!!