Sister Wives: Brown family frustrated with housing situation, divided family

Meri, Christine, Janelle Brown in Sister Wives confessional.
The Browns are having a hard time with the coronavirus pandemic on Sister Wives. Pic credit: TLC

With a new season of Sister Wives debuting in just days, the Brown family will be revealing a lot of what has gone on with them during the coronavirus pandemic.

Their move to Flagstaff has taken a toll on the family unit as a whole. Living in four separate homes has put a strain on their relationship, and Janelle mentions that in the trailer.

The biggest question now is whether the Brown family will be able to survive the guidelines put into place because of the pandemic and the stress of running four separate households while trying to maintain the family they have all come to love.

The relationships become strained due to living apart

Christine is seen talking about how they are functioning as four separate families. She expresses the need for the Brown family to devise a plan about what to do with Coyote Pass.

Things have been up in the air for quite some time, and having separate homes amid a pandemic isn’t helping to cover the cracks that have popped up through various incidents over the years.

Kody Brown is the only person who floats from home to home during the pandemic. Of course, each wife has their own opinion about what is safe for her and her children, with the exception of Meri Brown.

Janelle Brown seems to be concerned with the movement from house to house and expresses her desire to have Kody stay away for the time being, though she is later seen sitting in a confessional scene with him.

Even though she may look complacent, Christine Brown isn’t going to take orders from her husband about staying home. In fact, she says she isn’t going to.

Kody wants his wives to stop complaining

A big part of the Sister Wives trailer is featuring Kody Brown and his complaints about his wives being unhappy about the divide in the family.

They are vocal with their concerns about being unable to work out their issues because they can’t see each other due to the coronavirus pandemic restrictions. Unfortunately, that causes more heartache within the family and threatens to send one woman back to Utah — for good.

As Christine’s voice becomes more apparent this season, she is going to be made into the villain. As she tells Robyn that they don’t have to do everything together, it is implied that Robyn believes Christine wants to sabotage her bond with Kody.

Will the women be able to salvage their relationships with their sister wives and Kody, or will it be too late for some of them?

Sister Wives returns Sunday, February 14 at 10/9c on TLC.

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