Signature on Black Ink Crew: Who is the woman who comes for Kitty’s job?

Signature visits Black Ink Crew in New York
Signature comes looking for Ceaser to sell him on marketing but Black Ink Crew already has someone doing that. Pic credit: VH1

Ceaser is proving lately that no one’s job is safe on Black Ink Crew. So when Signature shows up to butter up the boss and to pitch her marketing ideas to him, Kitty was less than pleased.

When Signature started talking marketing with Ceaser, Kitty tried to get involved since that’s her job. Signature completely blew her off, turning all the charm on Ceaser instead and he was clearly loving the attention.

Ceaser Emanuel and Signature on Black Ink Crew
Signature puts the moves on Ceaser and he doesn’t seem upset about it. Pic credit: VH1

Kitty couldn’t believe that Ceaser was even entertaining Signature but should she be surprised? This isn’t the first time Ceaser has been blinded by a pretty girl.

“Clearly the way to pitch yourself as a brand representative is to come dressed in a Canadian tuxedo,” Kitty quipped.

Kitty wasn’t the only one making jokes, though. When she tried to interject again, Signature referred to her as “Bunny.” When she was corrected, she said, “Miss Kitty? That means p***y.”

Of course, Kitty was the only person in the shop who didn’t think it was funny. Even though no one was taking Signature seriously and Young Bae even said the whole pitch was a joke, Kitty was really mad that Ceaser didn’t have her back.

“This is some bulls**t. First, this girl comes in disrespecting me and Cease is just letting this b***h slide through,” Kitty vented in the confessional.

Even though Black Ink doesn’t really need the marketing prowess of Signature, this won’t be the last time we see her and when she shows up again, it’s going to be explosive!

So who is Signature and why is she showing up on Black Ink Crew? Based on her Instagram, Signature has quite a bit going on.

From a cosmetics line called Signature Kiss Cosmetics to a single on Soundcloud, it’s clear that Signature is really good at marketing one thing — herself!

It’s not clear yet if she’ll be joining the cast at Black Ink or if this episode is a one-off and she’s simply marketing herself to a huge VH1 audience. Either way, she definitely got under Kitty’s skin and managed to make an enemy out of her almost immediately.

Black Ink Crew airs on Wednesdays at 10/9c on VH1. 

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