Siesta Key: Kelsey Owens ready to ‘stir up’ drama after Miami arrival

Siesta Key star Kelsey Owens.
Siesta Key’s Kelsey Owens is looking to start some drama. Pic credit: @thekelseyowens/Instagram

Siesta Key’s Kelsey Owens arrived in Miami recently to start filming the new season along with the rest of the cast.

Her late arrival had fans worried that she might not appear at all, but she put those worries to rest as she shared several photos with her costars on social media.

Since being in Miami, Kelsey already had fans talking when she appeared in Juliette Porter’s fashion showcase at Miami Swim Week.

Kelsey walked the runway wearing a bikini from Juliette’s swimsuit line JMP The Label.

Kelsey’s decision to walk in the show left her followers wondering if she and Juliette had finally decided to become friendly again.

While they may have put their issues to rest, Kelsey seems to be looking to start some more trouble.

Siesta Key’s Kelsey Owens looking to ‘stir up’ drama

Kelsey is making up for lost time as she joins her costars several weeks after the rest of them moved down to their new city.

Upon her arrival, she jumped right into hanging out with her friends and costars, including Juliette.

Even though things seem relatively kosher between the crew, Kelsey seems ready to stir the pot.

She shared a video with the caption, “What drama should we stir up today?”

A camera crew was visible in the background.

Kelsey is ready to start some drama.
Pic credit: @thekelseyowens/Instagram

It’s unknown exactly who Kelsey set her sights on to ruffle feathers, but fans will likely find out when the new season premieres.

What drama is going down with the Siesta Key cast?

Since Kelsey and Juliette seem to be on better terms now, it begs the question of what other drama could be going down with the cast of Siesta Key in Miami.

So far, Juliette has also put aside her issues with her ex-boyfriend Sam Logan as the two have been spotted together at different events. Sam’s even hanging out with Juliette’s new man, Clark Drum.

While Juliette’s relationship issues look settled, the same can’t be said for her castmates.

Amanda Miller recently broke up with her boyfriend, Josh Pelton. He then went on to trash talk her and the rest of the cast, including taking direct aim at Chloe Long.

Fans also noted that Mike Vazquez and Lexie Salameh might have broken up. Neither of them has posted together in quite some time, and Mike recently commented that his love life was on “pins and needles.”

Viewers will have to wait and see how all of the drama plays out when Siesta Key returns.

Siesta Key is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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