Siesta Key: Mike Vazquez comments on his love life amid split rumors from Lexie Salameh

Mike Vazquez of Siesta Key.
Mike Vazquez speaks out about his love life amid split rumors from Lexie Salameh. Pic credit: @mikeavaz/Instagram

Siesta Key fans have followed closely as the cast begins filming the new season.

The crew moved down to Miami for a change of scenery, and with that has come some interesting group dynamics.

Not only have Juliette Porter and her ex-boyfriend Sam Logan been hanging out, but he’s also been spotted in conversation with her new man, Clark Drum.

They all even appeared together on a boat that included Jordana Barnes too.

While the dynamics between Juliette and Sam have piqued fans’ interest, another couple has kept viewers guessing.

It appears that Lexie Salameh and Mike Vazquez could have possibly broken up. As observant followers continue to look for signs of a relationship on social media, Mike recently commented on the situation.

Mike Vazquez says love life is ‘on pins and needles’

Mike and Lexie have been together for a while and recently celebrated her birthday with their friends in Miami.

Several photos were shared on social media, including a sweet tribute from Mike, who referred to Lexie as his “best gift.”

The picture posted of the two of them from Lexie’s party showed her gazing longingly at Mike with a big smile across her face as she wrapped her arm around him.

The two appeared happy, but soon after, speculation began that they had broken up.

Fans noticed they weren’t together on the Fourth of July, and soon after, they stopped following each other on social media.

They both appear to be enjoying time out with their friends, and it doesn’t look like they’ve been together in the same places.

While Lexie and Mike have remained quiet about their relationship status, Mike recently made a comment likely to keep everyone guessing.

His best friend Sam Logan shared a video of the two receiving acupuncture together. In the video, Sam asked Mike, “How’s your love life?”

Mike responded, “It’s on pins and needles.” as Sam laughed.

Mike and Sam get accupuncture.
Pic credit: @sam_jlo/Instagram

While the comment seemed like a play on words, there’s possibly some truth to it, given the current circumstances surrounding his relationship with Lexie.

Kelsey Owens walks in JMP The Label at Miami Swim Week

As fans continue to wonder what’s going on between Mike and Lexie, they’ve also raised a few eyebrows at the friendship between Kelsey Owens and Juliette Porter.

The former best friends have had a rocky relationship after their fight in the Grenadines.

However, it seems like they may have finally made up.

Kelsey walked the runway at the JMP The Label fashion show at Miami Swim Week.

Now that Kelsey is in Miami with the rest of the cast, it will be interesting to see if her friendship with Juliette can be mended.

Fans should stay tuned to see what happens with Kelsey and Juliette and to find out whether Mike and Lexie will work things out.

Siesta Key is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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