Shanti Zohra taunting Stacey Silva and Florian Sukaj: ‘I know all the secrets!’

Darcey Silva, Shanti Zohra and Florian Sukaj
Shanti Zohra wants everyone to know that she was with Florian Sukaj. Pic credit: TLC/WeLoveMisses/YouTube

Shanti Zohra is calling out Stacey Silva and Florian Sukaj on Instagram after claiming that she and the Albanian model have been intimate.

The Belgian model took to Instagram recently, sharing a video where she questions Stacey’s alleged pregnancy, something that Florian has only alluded to in his own Instagram stories.

She also shared a photo of herself with Florian, claiming that the two of them were together just a few weeks ago.

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Rumors that Floran and Shanti have been hooking up have been circulating for weeks now, and it looks like the source is Shanti herself.

There were even rumblings that Stacey Silva and Florian Sukaj called it quits after she deleted all of his photos from her Instagram page. However, he recently shared a photo of them and even called Stacey his “future wife.”

That’s what seemed to fuel Shanti Zohra to continue posting about her alleged affair with Florian. And now, she’s even challenged Stacey and Florian to speak out about it too.

In Shanti’s latest Instagram stories, she posted a 90 Day Fiance logo with the message, “no one is responding because they know the truth. I know all the secrets!”

Shanti Zohra is calling out Stacey Silva and Florian Sukaj on Instagram
Shanti Zohra is putting Stacey Silva. Pic credit: @shantizohra/Instagram

So far, Shanti Zohra has been right, Stacey and Florian are not speaking up about her recent claims that she was with him just weeks ago.

Shanti also shared that Stacey and Florian were last together in early September, while also asking to see a sonogram to confirm whether Stacey is pregnant or not.

Hopefully, more of these “secrets” will be spilled. We want to know what’s really going on between Stacey and Florian, who have been engaged for three years now and in a very long-distance relationship for four.

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