Shane Galligan on Dragnificent! Everything to know about Thorgy Thor

Thorgy Thor
Shane as Thorgy will amaze with her violin skills and huge heart. Pic credit: TLC

TLC got right to the heart of what people want to see and experience when Dragnificent! burst onto the scene on Monday night as the show introduced four performers who used their superpowers for good while helping another person out along the way.

Drag is enjoying the cultural resurgence it needs and deserves. In the new TLC series, four of America’s most beloved drag queens have been recruited to rescue people in desperate need of confidence and love.

No matter how much life challenges each subject-in-need, these four lively experts turn into ideal fairy godmothers who ably provide others confidence, courage, and grace to uncover their fierce and fabulous queen energy.

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Dragnificent’s foursome of queens includes Drag Race season 8 and All-Stars 3 alumna Thorgy Thor, an accomplished classical musician. Thorgy’s special power is the love of music and her talent to create it.

The other Dragnificent queens are each armed with their own superpowers.

Alexis Michelle, one of the top 5 contestants on Drag Race season 9, has the hair and makeup handled. Jujubee, from Drag Race season 2, All-Stars season 1 and a regular presence on Drag U, is the expert for fashion and couture. Bebe Zahara Benet, the first-ever Drag Race winner, is an event planner whose eye for spaces and decor is top-notch.

Shane Galligan on Dragnificent! Everything to know about Thorgy Thor

Thorgy Thor
Shane as Thorgy will amaze with her violin skills and her huge heart. Pic credit: TLC

Featured queen Thorgy Thor (Shane Galligan) is a tall drink of water armed with amazing musical skills. No doubt droves of admirers want to know more about this fiercely intelligent and fun person who is one of the four stars of the fresh series.

Qweerist revealed many unique aspects belonging to Shane.

Thor is Shane’s real middle name and his first name in drag was reportedly “Shananigans.” Thorgy Thor definitely has a better ring to it.

Interestingly, Shane tried out more than once for Drag Race with RuPaul. Actually, she tried out seven times. Not that’s tenacity writ large!

Shane is also a music prodigy who can masterfully play the cello, violin, and viola. Dubbed the “Thorchestra,” Thorgy plays prestigious halls around the globe. She also runs a company that books professional classical musicians.

Besides owning bragging rights as an accomplished musician, Thor is also an actor. She was cast in a part for Season 3 of Amazon’s drama, Mozart in The Jungle. Watch her compelling performance, below.

What did Thorgy Thor have to say at the TCA?

While at the Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour and before the queens sashayed onto the stage, the network introduced the premise of Dragnificent!, which echoes Netflix’s Queer Eye or Logo’s Drag U from a few years back.

Monsters & Critics attending the TCA in Pasadena, California for this past winter’s tour during which time Thorgy Thor was on the panel with the other three aforementioned queens.

She spoke at length about the series.

“In every episode, we meet and fall in love with whoever we are taking care of… So if their families are involved and it makes somebody more comfortable to meet me out of drag or in drag, I’m comfortable either way. I’ve always found this, doing drag for 17, 20 years — when I meet somebody, it’s [often] like, all right, let me let down the armor for a second — and then I suck them in.”

Finishing her thought, Thor summarized what all the drag queens feel about Dragnificent!

“I’m very proud that we’re on television doing this. We feel good every morning when we wake up. I feel really proud [of] what I do. I feel proud about making people feel good about themselves, putting a smile on people’s faces, being entertainers. So I think what we’re doing is fantastic. It’s dragtastic.”

Dragnificent! airs Mondays at 10 PM, ET on TLC.

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