Serena Pitt reveals her thoughts on the early Bachelor in Paradise cast

Serena Pitt
Serena Pitt reveals the standout cast members from the new season of Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: @serena_pitt/Instagram

Having a first-hand experience on the Paradise beaches herself, Serena Pitt weighed in on which couples she’s most excited to watch this season on Bachelor in Paradise.

Serena, who first became a fan favorite during Matt James’ season of The Bachelor, took a chance on the franchise once more as she signed on to appear on Season 7 of BIP.

She hit it off with Joe Amabile from the start, and although the two had a few trials with Joe’s ex during the season, they ended up getting engaged during the finale episode.

Serena and “Grocery Store Joe” are still going strong today, having even recently settled down together in New York City.

As someone who has lived the experience of finding love in the Bachelor franchise, Serena recently sat down and revealed her thoughts on the current Season 8 cast.

With the premiere airing this past week, Serena said there were a few standout couples that she is already rooting for, with one in particular that has already reminded her of her and Joe — Brandon Jones and Serene Russell.

Serena Pitt reveals which Bachelor in Paradise couples she’s excited for

With Brandon and Serene’s initial conversation on the beach, Serena admitted that their nervous, giddy energy reminded her of her own relationship early on during the show.

“They were just so giggly, so nervous, but so smitten with each other right off the bat, and that just warmed my heart to see,” Serena said.

She also continued to say that Teddi Wright and Andrew Spencer were standouts during the premiere, having received the first one-on-one date — which she recalled happened to Season 7’s Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer, who are also still together today.

Serena also revealed that she is excited to see Victoria Fuller’s journey on Paradise, as she was introduced at the very end of Episode 1.

Serena Pitt on her new move and wedding planning with Joe Amabile

When it comes to life after Paradise, Serena said that she always knew that her relationship with Joe would be able to withstand the hardships of settling into everyday life. Once the initial transition period was over, the two decided to settle down in NYC, despite Joe being a Chicago enthusiast and Serena coming from Toronto.

In terms of living together full-time, Serena also said that it was an easy switch — even though having less closet space in a smaller Manhattan apartment was definitely an adjustment.

“We made it work and we love living together. I mean, we’re lucky with how smooth it was, we were very prepared for it,” she said.

Serena ended by saying she and Joe are definitely looking to tie the knot in September of next year, although they haven’t necessarily started planning yet.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays & Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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