Selling Sunset spinoff gets release date, here’s when Selling Tampa is coming to Netflix

Selling Tampa joins Selling Sunset family on Netflix: When does it premiere?
Selling Tampa puts a spin on the Selling Sunset concept focusing on a black-owned all-female real estate firm. Pic credit: Netflix

The new Selling Sunset spinoff gets a release date. Here’s when the new show, Selling Tampa, is coming to Netflix, giving fans a new guilty pleasure.

It’s no secret that Selling Sunset has become a mega-hit for Netflix. The streaming service is wasting no time capitalizing on expanding the franchise.

Selling the OC will soon come to the streaming service. Brett and Jason Oppenheim will appear in the new show focused on The Oppenheim Group’s office in Newport Beach, which opened earlier this year.

Selling Sunset fans will be waiting a while for Selling the OC to drop on Netflix. However, another Selling Sunset spinoff is headed to the streaming service that is coming very soon and is must-see TV.

What is Selling Tampa on Netflix?

Netflix has released a crossover teaser to introduce Selling Tampa. Jason and the OG Selling Sunset cast have passed the baton to the latest real estate series coming to the streaming service.

Allure Realty is the focus of Selling Tampa. The new real estate firm is an all-black, all-female firm featuring fierce ladies tackling luxury real estate in the Tampa area.

Military vet Sharelle Rosado owns Allure Reality and is proving women can have it all. Sharelle is not only killing it on the show and in real estate but is pregnant with her first child with fiancé Chad Johnson.

“These ladies are equally as fun as they are fiercely ambitious, with all of them vying to be on top of the lavish world of luxury waterfront real estate. Sharelle has big plans for her brokerage and won’t let anyone or anything get in the way of making her dreams a reality,” read a Netflix press release about the new show.

Adam DiVello, the executive producer of Selling Sunset and The Hills, is behind Selling Tampa too. Alexis Williams, Anne-Sophie Petit, Colony Reeves, Juawana Williams, Karla Giorgio, Rena Frazier, and Tennille Moore join Sharelle on the new show.

When is Selling Tampa coming to Netflix and what can viewers expect?

The good news for Selling Sunset fans is that Selling Tampa Season 1 will drop on Netflix on Wednesday, December 15.

Sharelle opened up about what viewers can expect from Selling Tampa in an interview with Creative Loafing.

“Viewers are going to see powerful minority women stepping into luxury real estate. This shows anyone as long as you work hard and no matter what, you can do it. When I opened this business, I wanted to take it to the next level. Now, I want to go bigger,” Sharelle expressed. “I know they’re going to see no matter your age or color. You can go out and do it. Don’t give up because it’s a learning process.”

It’s an exciting time for Selling Sunset fans. Season 4 of Selling Sunset has dropped on Netflix. Plus, a new exciting show focused on an all-female black-owned real estate firm, Selling Tampa, comes to Netflix in December.

Selling Tampa Season 1 premieres on Wednesday, December 15 on Netflix.

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