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Seeking Sister Wife: Is Ashley Snowden pregnant?

Ashley Snowden of Seeking Sister Wife with husband Dimitri and their children
Fans are asking if Ashley Snowden of Seeking Sister Wife is pregnant. Pic credit: TLC

With season three of Seeking Sister Wife back on the air this month, many viewers are asking if one of the wives, Ashley Snowden, is pregnant.

Some fans might be asking if Dimitri Snowden’s first wife is pregnant because of her appearance. Fans have commented on Ashley’s social media posts in the past, saying that the 34-year-old appeared to be pregnant.

It turns out that Ashley is not pregnant and she also has a condition called diastasis recti. The condition commonly occurs during and after pregnancies.

It’s a separation of the muscles that make six-pack abs. The most noticeable symptom of the condition is a bulge, or “pooch,” which some fans have noticed about Ashley’s otherwise healthy physique.

Ashley has answered fans’ questions about her being pregnant before. She wasn’t happy about people making assumptions.

Ashley said previously that assuming a woman is pregnant is ‘insensitive’

Ashley addressed pregnancy rumors a few years ago. She told her Instagram followers that assuming a woman is pregnant is ‘insensitive’ in 2019 after a follower commented, “Since when [sic] asking if someone was pregnant or expecting rude. Being pregnant is a beautiful thing. Ashley’s life is in the spotlight. I’m confused.”

On her shared account with husband Dimitri, Ashley posted a “gentle PSA” in response to the follower.

She said, “Asking if someone is pregnant is rude because it’s a private matter. Looking at someone’s body and making the and making the assumption that they are pregnant based on shape is insensitive.”

Women’s bodies go through so much, some may be pregnant but afraid to say so because they’ve miscarried before, some may have miscarried after carrying a child full term and still have the fluff. Some, like myself, have diastasis recti and therefore have a belly that may look pregnant to some.”

“Some have never been pregnant but want to be, some are just bloated at certain parts of the month. Some women have fibroids or tumors or cysts, and unless a woman has made it public that she’s pregnant, it’s just none of your business, whether they are in the spotlight or not.”

“As women we get so much scrutiny and policing over our bodies all the time, enough is enough. And even with all of this being said, I recognize intent and do my best not to take it personally, doesn’t mean it’s not a personal struggle.”

Ashley addressed her diastasis recti again in May 2020

Ashley brought up the topic of her diastasis recti again in May 2020 in a video post on her Instagram account.

She was demonstrating her hula dancing skills when she mentioned, “In a year, I’ve been able to regain control and confidence over my body (therapy for diastasis recti— the condition that makes many assume I’m pregnant).”

Although Ashley has said she is done having children, she did leave the door open

She said, “If/when I become pregnant, trust that we will make an announcement so that there’s no confusion around my status. You’ll never have to wonder… So to answer all of the women wondering about the shape of my body, the answer is no. I’m not pregnant.”

Ashley and her husband Dimitri Snowden share three children: daughter Nenú, son Nío, and daughter Canaria. The couple is currently dating two potential sister wives.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.