Sarah Hamrick admits feeling ‘uncomfy’ on Bachelor in Paradise 

Sarah Hamrick
Sarah Hamrick looks for love on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8. Pic credit: @sarahahamrick/Instagram

Sarah Hamrick was one of the newest arrivals on Bachelor in Paradise this week, with her entrance introducing a significant twist to the series.

It appeared the twist was a surprise to her, just like it was to the rest of the cast. 

Despite several couples already forming, Jesse Palmer revealed that the men and women would be split up for a week to pursue new Bachelor Nation stars separately. 

Sarah was one of the women brought in for the men to explore a connection with, along with Eliza Isichei, Kate Gallivan, and Australian Bachelor Nation star Florence Moerenhout. 

Jessenia Cruz also returned to the island after appearing on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7. 

While Sarah was well-received by the men on the island, she admitted there was an uncomfortable element to her Bachelor in Paradise debut. 

Sarah Hamrick had “no idea” about BIP twist 

Sarah took to Twitter to react to her Bachelor in Paradise appearance, which saw her and the four new women standing in front of the current cast as Jesse explained the twist. 

The Bachelor Nation star tweeted, “cannot describe how uncomfy it was to stand there like [woman emoji] we had no idea what was going on #bachelorinparadise.” 

It appears standing in front of the cast without a clue was a bit awkward for Sarah. 

Sarah Hamrick's tweet
Pic credit: @SarahAHamrick/Twitter

During the episode, the five new ladies discussed the benefit of having the men all to themselves, and some men even appeared to have stronger connections with the newcomers than with their pre-established relationships. 

Sarah received a date card and chose to take a dip in the water with Logan Palmer, leading Logan to be torn between her and Shanae Ankney. 

Rodney Mathews takes newcomer Eliza Isichei on a date 

Like Sarah, Rodney also received a date card on Tuesday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, to Lace Morris’ dismay. 

Lace and Rodney had been exploring a connection before the twist; however, things took a turn when Eliza arrived on the beach. 

Rodney and Eliza admitted that they both had each other high on their list of interests and were eager to meet each other. 

Once Lace left the beach. Rodney was smitten with Eliza, and the pair had instant chemistry. 

Rodney and Eliza went on a date, laughed, and bonded over a romantic dinner. 

During Rodney and Eliza’s date, the pair shared they were looking for love and saw real potential in each other. 

Relationships have been shaken on the island, so time will tell who pairs up with who at the next rose ceremony. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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