Logan Palmer addresses backlash after pursuing and defending Shanae Ankney 

Logan Palmer
Logan Palmer addresses his relationship with Shanae Ankney. Pic credit: ABC

Logan Palmer has been smitten with Shanae Ankney on Bachelor in Paradise, leading to criticism. 

Many viewers have expressed disappointment in the franchise bringing Shanae back for more screen time after her offensive behavior on The Bachelor Season 26.

After mocking Elizabeth Corrigan’s ADHD, Shanae gained many critics and ruffled the feathers of several more women in the house. 

On Bachelor in Paradise, Shanae declared she was a new upgraded woman, and Logan also expressed that he saw more layers to Shanae.

Logan related to Shanae as he too felt like an outcast and caused a stir on his season of The Bachelorette Season 19 when he switched from pursuing Rachel Recchia to pursuing Gabby Windey. 

It appears Logan is aware of the negativity that comes with attaching himself to Shanae and even commending her as a woman who speaks her mind regardless of rubbing people the wrong way. 

Logan Palmer addresses attraction to ‘bad girl’ Shanae Ankney 

Logan took to TikTok to share his video about being drawn to a “bad girl.” 

In the video, Logan sat on a bench in a white tee and shorts and reacted to the audio. He waved his hands to encourage the crowd sounds as he mouthed, “She is very gorgeous to me!” 

Text over the video read, “Defending your attraction to the bad girl.” 

Logan captioned the post, “sometimes the mean girls need love the most.” 

Logan Palmer calls trolls the real ‘bad guys’ 

On his Instagram Stories, Logan allowed fans to ask him questions, and one follower wanted to know how he deals with “the negativity or hate from the show.” 

Logan responded with a video saying that the hate is “really weird.” 

The Bachelor Nation star expressed that online haters love to get a response from Bachelor Nation stars and shared, “the truth is the people who leave those terrible comments are one thousand times worse than any villain that you’re looking at on your screen. Those are the bad people. The bad guys aren’t on the screen; the bad guys are these weird trolls tweeting from their mother’s basement. You learn that very quickly, and you get over it, and it’s fine.”

Logan Palmer answers questions on his Instagram Story
Pic credit: @loganseagull/Instagram

While Logan was hopeful about moving forward with Shanae, he may be out of luck as Shanae found a connection with James Bonsall after going on a double date with him, Aaron Clancy, and her former nemesis Genevieve Parisi. 

Logan reacted to how quickly Shanae agreed to go on a date with James in a TikTok video. 

In the video, music played as Logan squatted and gave a peace sign with text above him that read, “When Shanae responded with absolutely.”


can’t lie that one stung but James is a stud so FAIR ENOUGH #bachelorinoaradise #fyp

♬ Static (Sped Up) – Steve Lacy

Logan captioned the post, “can’t lie that one stung but James is a stud so FAIR ENOUGH.” 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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