Rob Riggle: Global Investigator exclusive: Hail Black Caesar! A Florida Keys pirate mystery unfolds

Rob Riggle
The moment Rob Riggle hears the guys on his boat were attacked by a great white shark. Pic credit: Discovery

Rob Riggle: Global Investigator takes us to the sunny sunshine state that is home to amazing diving, sharks, and frozen beachy drinks. Not all in that order, but you get the drift of where host Rob Riggle’s head is at as we preview this week’s adventure.

In the latest episode of where in the world is Rob Riggle going to now, we head to stunning waters off Florida, thanks to Discovery.

This week, Riggle is on the hunt for clues to a pirate mystery off the waters of Key West. This area is also home to many sea wrecks and treasures that have been lost and never recovered.

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His goal? To find the sunken ship of Black Caesar.

Caesar was one of many pirates who ruled the waters off of coastal Florida. He lived an exciting life, but can Rob get a handle on Caesar’s sunken ship and possible treasure?

According to one entertaining historical account, Caesar was colleagues with the infamous Edward Teach (Blackbeard), as Colleen Ford of says: “The legend goes that just before [Black Caesar] ship arrived at the slave markets on the Florida coast, the ship was struck by a hurricane and destroyed in the storm. Caesar escaped with the help of a sailor whom he had befriended, and the two of them escaped in a longboat to a small island off the coast.”

What happens in the preview?

Riggle is on a ship tasked with recovery and exploration, the waters are gorgeous, and the crew explains to him that they are concerned. Yesterday, a great white shark chomped on their chum bag.

The look on Rob’s face captured in the image above says it all. First of all, why the chum bag?

As he listens, they prepare to dive. Riggle heads underwater with his guide Cowboy and using their handheld metal detectors. The clip shows that something has pinged their equipment and it looks promising.

Who is Rob Riggle?

The series is Riggle’s dash across the globe searching for answers, clues, and leads in the world’s biggest mysteries and most iconic moments of history.

The handsome Kentucky born-and-bred Marine is a bonafide military man whose sense of humor took him from a serious military career path to one with a more comedic bend. It revealed his comedy skills in timing and tone.

His unpredictable energy and humor were noticed on Shark Week’s 30th anniversary in 2018 when he gave Shaquille O’Neal some tough love and helped him overcome his fear of sharks.

Then he made Shark Week 2019 one for the books last summer, as Rob led a team of adventurous celebrities on the ultimate shark trip.

Riggle’s passion for an adventure across the globe will see him in action, deployed to solve and investigate unsolved riddles and flesh out some historical moments with questions still lingering about them.

Exclusive preview of Rob Riggle: Global Investigator

Rob’s recipe to solve a 300-year-old pirate mystery in the Florida Keys? “One shovel. One metal detector. One Daiquiri.”

Watch as Riggle learns of a great white while on the hunt for a Black Caesar sunken treasure ship:

Sharks and Treasure | Rob Riggle: Global Investigator

Rob Riggle: Global Investigator airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery Channel.

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