Riley Christian expresses interest in getting on dating apps now that he’s single

Riley Christian
Riley Christian answers fans’ questions. Pic credit: @rileydchristian/Instagram

Riley Christian has been moving on with life solo after calling off his engagement with Maurissa Gunn.

However, Riley’s single status might change soon.

The Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 star recently engaged with fans on social media and shared an update on his love life.

Riley Christian is getting ready to rejoin the dating pool

Riley Christian took to his Instagram Stories to answer fans’ questions while playing with his adorable dog Roscoe.

Riley opened himself up to questions by writing, “Got some free time. Drop ‘em if you got ‘em.” 

While many fans were curious about Riley’s life with his new dog, others wanted details on his love life and his outlook on dating now that he and his Bachelor in Paradise fiancee Maurissa Gunn are no longer together. 

An inquirer asked, “Are you dating anyone” with a side-eye emoji. 

Riley confirmed that he doesn’t presently have a partner. Riley stated, “Right now, I’m currently single, other than this little knucklehead that you see right here,”  referring to his puppy Roscoe. 

Riley then revealed, “But I’ll probably get back out into the dating world. I just gotta figure out how to do it, you know. Apps.” 

So far, Riley has made two attempts to find love on reality television through The Bachelorette Season 16 and Bachelor in Paradise Season 7. He appeared to need a refresher on what dating methods still work in the real world. 

Riley expressed openness to using dating apps, which have become a popular way for people to find love in the digital age, but also wondered how effective they are.

Regarding dating apps, Riley asked, “Do those even work? Is that a thing still?” 

For those romantically interested in Riley, it seems his profile could pop up on some dating apps in the future. 

Riley Christian's Instagram story
Pic credit: @rileydchristian/Instagram

Riley Christian shows love to dog Roscoe 

The main companion in Riley’s life at the moment is his husky pup, Roscoe. 

Riley has loved being a dog dad, and he recently made a post dedicated to Roscoe, sharing several adorable photos of the two together. 

The photos included one of Riley smiling with Roscoe while bundled up in a beanie. Riley’s family also embraced Roscoe in an image. 

Other photos and videos featured Riley carrying Roscoe on his back in a backpack through the streets of New York and Roscoe playing with a sandal in his mouth.

Riley captioned his post, “Roscoe appreciation post. Pup was built for the Big Apple.” 

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC. 

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