RHOSLC’s Jennie Nguyen faces backlash after post consoling a stranger’s child

Jennie Nguyen on RHOSLC
Jennie Nguyen faces criticism from RHOSLC critics after consoling another woman’s child and posting his photo on social media. Pic credit: Bravo

Jennie Nguyen is the newest housewife to join the cast of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City but it didn’t take long for her name to be in the spotlight.

Jennie has not been shy with the women when it comes to sharing her feelings about things going on in her life, including her disdain for her husband’s desire to have more children.

Not only has she been vocal with the cast, but she appears to be just as open about her life on social media.

Despite receiving a lot of support from fans so far, Jennie recently faced some criticism regarding a Twitter post she shared.

In the post, Jennie is seen hugging another woman’s child with the caption, “He was awaken by the loud noise in Time Square. So glad I was able to console him. Love being a mom!”

The post did not sit well with her followers as several people commented and shared their disgust for the photograph.

RHOSLC critics take aim at Jennie Nguyen for posing with and consoling another woman’s child

Many commenters found Jennie’s post to be strange and they didn’t understand her intentions in posing with another mother’s child and then sharing it on social media.

One critic questioned how the post was relevant to her own experience as a mother and wondered who the boy was.

A viewer comments on Jennie Nguyen's post
Critic questions how Jennie’s post is relevant to her being a mom. Pic credit: @The_CinemaFreak/Twitter

A separate woman didn’t think it was “ok” to post something like that about a child that wasn’t hers, especially while standing next to his mother. She shared that if it had been her child, she would have made her delete it.

A viewer thinks Jennie was wrong to post about someone else's child.
A viewer thinks Jennie was wrong to post about someone else’s child. Pic credit: @WildinShe/Twitter

Another hater even went as far as saying that she was “lucky” that she wasn’t consoling her child because “She’d STILL be crawling around on the ground in Times Square searching for her teeth.”

A critic says they wouldn't have been happy if Jennie consoled their child.
A critic says they wouldn’t have been happy if Jennie consoled their child. Pic credit: @onelove937/Twitter

RHOSLC’s Jennie Nguyen defends her post consoling another woman’s child

It was clear that not everyone approved of Jennie’s decision to step in and help out a random mother and then broadcast it on social media, but Jennie wasted no time clapping back at all of the internet trolls.

She shared proof that the mother gave her permission to post her son on her page by replying to her own post with a photo of the three of them standing together.

She also defended her actions by replying to several people’s comments on the post.

When one viewer suggested that her post would be confusing to those who were following her current storyline on the show, Jennie let them know that she doesn’t “post things to please anyone.”

In recent episodes, Jennie made it clear she did not want to have any more children while her husband was eager to continue to grow their family.

Jennie claps back at critic who thought she should delete her post.
Jennie claps back at a critic who thought she should delete her post. Pic credit: @JennieNguyenLuv/Twitter

Jennie then made a post asking all moms for “permission to console” their children if a similar situation arose in the future.

Jennie responds to the backlash from critics.
Jennie responds to the backlash from critics. Pic credit: @JennieNguyenLuv/Twitter

She followed up the post by sharing a quote about kindness and telling everyone to “Have a blessed Sunday.”

It’s clear that Jennie has thick skin and is not afraid to stand up for herself amid the internet backlash she’s received.

Fans can watch new episodes of RHOSLC to continue to get to know Jennie and learn more about her journey through motherhood.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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