RHOP viewers demand Karen Huger ‘delete this tweet’ after hitting back at Robyn Dixon

Karen Huger
Karen Huger is under fire on Twitter for remarks about co-star Robyn Dixon. Pic credit: @officialkarenhuger/Instagram

Karen Huger is the self-proclaimed Grand Dame of Potomac, and with her title comes an heir of class and sophistication most of the time.

However, this OG of The Real Housewives of Potomac used Twitter to go on the offensive side towards her co-star, Robyn Dixon, after Sunday’s episode aired and Karen heard something she didn’t appreciate.

The ladies took a cast trip to Miami, hosted by fellow Housewife Mia Thornton, and Mia played a game with the ladies in regards to room assignments in the multi-million dollar vacation home right on the water.

Anyone who has seen a vacation episode knows that Housewives treat room assignments like the Olympics. Mia and Karen are good friends and also neighbors, so Mia gave Karen a primo room on the lower level.

Robyn said in a confessional that the only reason Karen got a good room was because she is the oldest in the group, and Karen didn’t take too kindly to being “age shamed” by Robyn.

Karen spoke her piece on Twitter, calling Robyn a “hard 40” and accusing her of bullying. She also reminded Robyn that her perceived insult would only lift Karen higher, reminding Robyn that she was still the Grande Dame.

Karen Huger's tweet
Pic credit: @KARENHUGER/Twitter

Karen Huger got criticized by followers for her tweet about Robyn

While some of Karen’s Twitter followers stood behind her and defended her response to Robyn, many thought it was in bad taste. Not only did it attack Robyn, but some believed Robyn’s words were not insulting in the first place — just straight facts.

When it came to Karen’s tweet, some fans responded to tell her that it was not a good look for her and to “do better.”

“This is not a good look for you… I know you can do better… stop doing this,” one fan responded.

Another fan of Robyn dropped in to say that Karen is the oldest in the cast and Robyn looks great.

Karen is the oldest in the cast.
Pic credit: @KARENHUGER/sweetheart4_u2/Twitter

“But she wasn’t shaming. She said you are the oldest, which is true. No harm,” another viewer replied.

A fan says Robyn wasn't shaming Karen.
Pic credit: @KARENHUGER/@sexyme7715/Twitter

A RHOP fan simply said, “How is her saying you’re the oldest one there age shaming? Isn’t that a fact or are you not the oldest? Where’s the lie?”

A RHOP fan simply says, "Where's the lie?"
Pic credit: @KARENHUGER/ladybee511/Twitter

Karen Huger ‘brings it’ in Season 7 of The Real Housewives of Potomac

Back in July, Gizelle said of her longtime frenemy, “She was spilling the tea this season. When does she ever spill tea? She hasn’t spilled tea in seven seasons. I think it’s a different side to her,” adding that Karen previously stayed neutral during the chaotic moments between the other Housewives.

But not this season, Gizelle revealed, saying, “Karen brings it this season. Yes, she does.”

Viewers can’t wait to see Karen “bring it” in the episodes ahead!

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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1 year ago

Robin. Gizelle

and Candice need to go they r BULLIES

Sandra Jean Weaver
Sandra Jean Weaver
1 year ago

First of all I am from the Potomac,DC area and trust me when I say this, she is NOT the Grand Dame of Potomac. There are far more important and classy women who would be considered the GRAND DAME!!!!! When she gets mad the Ghetto really comes out in her.

Tanja Harris
Tanja Harris
1 year ago

I don’t like the fact that it’s an ego thing between Wendy and Robyn.
Wendy stopped bringing up your degrees. Friendship is not based on materialistic things. I’m proud you achieved these goals but you are going to lose more than a friend.
Stop bringing up John’s Hopkins.
If you want to keep your job, I would advise you to stop dropping names.
You never have to define yourself to these ladies. Only person that should matter is yourself.
Now, when you have to jump fly don’t talk about your degrees, girl go wretched. As for Robyn she can’t think for herself because of Gizelle in her ear.
Take the elephant out the room and talk to Robyn one on one, and clear this up.
Take the high road