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RHOP: Mia Thornton throws shade at Wendy Osefo by launching a candle line of her own

Mia Thornton Wendy Osefo
Drama has started between RHOP’s Mia and Wendy over a candle line. Pic credit: Bravo

The newest addition to The Real Housewives of Potomac, Mia Thornton, made a bold start this season and has already announced the sale of a candle line in the same week that Wendy debuts her line on the show.

In a cheeky move shortly after the episode aired, Mia announced a line of candles from her company Amilleon London that are printed with some pretty pointed messages that seemingly target Wendy’s unreleased Onyi Home Essentials line.

Despite their previous animosity, Wendy went to Karen for advice on the line and offered viewers a little sneak peek of what the candles would eventually look like. This carries a bit of irony as well, as Mia was initially introduced as a friend of Karen.

Did RHOP’s Mia Thornton launch her candle line before Wendy Osefo on purpose?

Since their first meeting, Mia and Wendy clashed and have been at each other’s throats rather dramatically. This might make one think that Mia may be intentionally shading Wendy by getting her candles out ahead of her.

Between the bad blood that is forming between the ladies, and the not-so-subtle messaging on the candles, it’s pretty clear that Mia is targeting Wendy’s line as direct competition to her business venture.

Other candles for sale from this collection say things like “Karma is a b***h” and “Bada**,” and will cost you about $38 each.

Mia’s candles are currently available on her website.” Pic credit: @AmilleonLondon/Instagram

Mia heads up the lifestyle brand Amilleon London which, in addition to the candles, offers a few lip colors and waist trainers. While the official company website posted the debut of the “home essentials” section, Mia didn’t miss the opportunity to promote it on her own Twitter.

Are Mia Thornton’s candles sending a message to Wendy Osefo?

She posted a picture of the candle with “Don’t F**k With Me” printed on its label and the hashtag “TheRealHomeEssentials,” which is a direct dig at Wendy’s new venture, also categorized as “home essentials.”

She captioned it, “The best revenge is your paper,” which is most likely a reference to the feud brewing on RHOP right now.

Mia Thornton debuts her candle line. Pic credit: @MrsMiaThornton/Twitter

We’re only three episodes into this season, and things are getting progressively worse between the two entrepreneurs, but if Candle-gate is a marker of things yet unaired on RHOP, things are about to really get messy between Wendy and Mia.

The two first clashed at Wendy’s Nude Interlude party in which she introduced her new figure. As many housewives do, Wendy went through a pretty significant glow-up from Season 1 to 2, and she was eager to show it off to the other ladies.

However, when Mia shared her experiences with plastic surgery and got in between Giselle and Karen during dinner, it was obvious the two ladies were going to be at odds with each other.

Both ladies took their beef to social media and they went fairly hard at each other.

It’s taking shade to an entirely different place when you start interfering with a person’s business, and Mia doesn’t seem to be the kind to back down.

Mia and Wendy are proving to be on the front lines of the drama, and it’s helping to keep RHOP as the top performer in the Bravo universe. Are you Team Wendy or Team Mia?

The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 6 airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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