Wendy Osefo says Karen Huger’s reason for not liking her is ‘juvenile’ and ‘petty’

New RHOP star Wendy Osefo delves into her issues with Karen Huger
Wendy Osefo talks about issues with Karen Huger. Pic credit: Bravo

Wendy Osefo is dishing about her relationship or lack thereof with co-star Karen Huger.

The two women have been at odds all season and it’s not quite clear why they don’t get along.

Karen has thrown some shady comments about Wendy earlier in the season and the two are still at odds for some reason.

Now, Wendy is dishing more about her issues with Karen and sharing why she doesn’t get along with the Grande Dame.

Why doesn’t Karen like Wendy Osefo

During an interview on Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef, the RHOP star delved more into her feud with Karen.

Karen and Wendy had actually met before the newbie joined the show, and the two even sit on a board together.

Despite being acquaintances, the Grande Dame was not the most welcoming towards Osefo and now the mom-of-three is talking more about it.

When asked why Huger has issues with her, Wendy shared,  “You guys are gonna laugh when you guys hear what she says at the reunion. It is the most fifth-grade, juvenile, petty thing you would ever hear in your life for why she doesn’t like me.”

She added, “And it’s so petty that some of the ladies check her and say, ‘no, that’s not the reason, you said that you haven’t liked her even before she came on the show.'”

For the record, during the RHOP reunion, Karen admitted that she had challenges connecting with Wendy, and that was her explanation as to why they don’t get along.

But castmates Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon alleged that the Grande Dame told them she did not think Wendy was good a good fit for RHOP and wanted the newbie off the show.

Huger has denied these claims.

Did Wendy just shade Karen Huger?

While discussing her dispute with the Real Housewives of Potomac OG, Wendy gave her views on why Karen has issues with her.

“I think that Karen doesn’t understand the woman.. of my pedigree. She comes from a time and place where women are defined by their husbands…like she is…” noted Osefo.

“She’s on the show because of her husband, not because of… anything else. When she joined the show was because of her husband.”

The RHOP star continued, “I go on the show because of my background and what I bring as an individual. Yes. My husband is an attorney, but I stand on my own outside of my husband. I don’t need him nor do I need his money.”

“I stand on my own. Karen doesn’t understand that. She doesn’t know what that means to have a status without a husband. And I think that’s what the issue is,” confessed Wendy.

The Real Housewives of Potomac is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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