RHONJ: Teresa Giudice says Dolores Catania broke loyalty to her by staying with Margaret after the altercation

Teresa Giudice
Teresa Giudice is questioning Dolores Catania’s loyalty to her. Pic credit: Bravo

Teresa Giudice went ballistic on Margaret Josephs on Tuesday’s episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, and now she is angry with BFF Dolores Catania for not defending her.

Teresa does not like her man being the subject of chatter. Things became heated after a round of shots in Nashville when Margaret referred to Teresa as a liar. Teresa promptly slid the plates, glasses, and silverware on the table in Margaret’s direction with her forearm, drenching her.

Although Tre does regret her actions, she was left wondering why Dolores didn’t follow her when she stormed out.

Dolores said her instinct was to ‘diffuse’ the situation

“She wanted to come after me, and then she didn’t because Margaret told her not to,” Teresa said of Dolores on the RHONJ After Show. “Right there, loyalty was broken because why did she listen to Margaret?” she asked co-star Jennifer Aydin. Jen then decided to stir the already-boiling pot, answering Teresa with, “Teresa, if you haven’t realized by now that Dolores is a better friend to Margaret, you need to open your eyes.”

Jen continued, “I know you’ve been friends with [Dolores] longer, but her friendship with Margaret is stronger.” Both Melissa Gorga and Jackie Goldschneider echoed the same sentiment – Dolores and Margaret are much tighter than Dolores and Tre, and they argue that is not necessarily a bad thing.

But Dolores defended her actions, while understanding where Teresa was coming from as well. “My instinct is to diffuse the person that is so angry,” she said to Margaret. Speaking on her experience as a law enforcement officer, she also added, “Right now, my two sisters are fighting. You separate them, and you calm them down. That’s what you do. My instinct was so go and calm down the one that was the hardest to calm,” referring to Teresa.

Frank chimes in, admitting he had to remind Dolores that they were hosting the outing, and it wouldn’t be right to leave and follow after Teresa and Luis. “Quite honestly, it was my round about way of getting Dolores to stay so I could finish my meal,” Frank joked.

The cast reacts to Teresa’s explosive behavior

Margaret explained, “When [Teresa] is stumped and doesn’t know what else to say, she just reacts, and it was very aggressive.” Teresa’s brother, Joe Gorga, admitted he felt sorry for Teresa, saying, “She was protecting her man, protecting herself. It’s sad, it’s really said to watch.”

Jackie said, “I think it’s easy for her to say ‘this is just Margaret trying to cause problems for Luis’, so that it seems like there’s no truth to anything.” She thinks that Teresa is blaming Margaret as a way to invalidate the rumors about Luis.

Sister-in-law Melissa joked, “I think we’re just meant to have dinners at home.” Frank said simply it was a debacle, and ex-wife Dolores continued, “I don’t want to see this. I don’t want to see friends fight.”

Rumors have swirled for moths that Dolores and Teresa are on the outs, and after this episode, fans will have to see at the reunion if the former besties are still thick as thieves.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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