RHONJ: Melissa Gorga dishes on relationship with husband Joe Gorga, says they’re doing ‘much better’

Melissa andJoe Gorga Real Housewives of New Jersey
Melissa Gorga of RHONJ says things are much better with her husband, Joe. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Melissa and Joe Gorga had a tumultuous last season, fighting mostly about her working outside the house. Still, she is adamant they are doing much better now. She is confident their marriage will make it.

Coming off a tough season, the Real Housewives of New Jersey couple left viewers wondering if they were even going to make it to the next season. With so much bickering and nagging, it seemed like Joe Gorga was quickly becoming tired of Melissa’s ambition and wanted her to spend more time at home.

Melissa, never one to stay out of the press for too long, told US Weekly that she and Joe are doing great now, and their 16-year marriage is no longer in trouble. She explained his bad behavior by revealing, “Joe is not big on change, and he likes things to stay the same,” but also admits “this is what makes him a great husband.”

She, on the other hand, is currently “all about change” as she works to build her brand and grow her store, Envy. According to Melissa, the strife fans saw building between the two last season was a direct result of too much togetherness during the pandemic. However, all that time together forced them to take a hard look at some of their issues, and Melissa swears they’ve come a long way from those fights we saw during last season.

Melissa is committed to a work-life balance that she can live with, telling US Weekly, “I don’t want to die unhappy. I wanna feel fulfilled. Not just as a mom.” Her store Envy is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year, and she admits it has caused trouble for the pair in the past.

Melissas says being at home with Joe was both good and bad for their marriage

She recounts some disagreements between her and Joe, saying, “And I’ve never seen Joe fight so hard against something that I want. So I am feeling really scared about our relationship because I’ve never felt this exhaustion and feeling of giving up.”

She quickly adds that this past year reflects the reality of being married, citing her sign as an Aries and his as Leo as a contributing factor for the fireworks. According to the mom of three, this causes them to “butt heads,” and even though they love really hard, they definitely have arguments.

Melissa asked Joe to ‘stop picking on her’

To help change the trajectory of their marriage and keep it on track, Melissa confessed she asked Joe “to stop picking on me. So he stopped picking on every little thing I do.” She vowed to be more judicious about leaving home to fulfill her professional obligations and be pickier about which projects she takes on.

Joe and Melissa Gorga are fan favorites across the Bravo universe, so any news about their relationship always gets a lot of attention. There is little doubt she will keep the public informed as things progress (or don’t) between her and Joe.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently on hiatus.

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