RHONJ: Melissa Gorga admits marriage ‘isn’t easy’ in update about husband Joe

melissa and joe gorga
Melissa and Joe Gorga have reached a “good” place in their marriage after experiencing issues that were seen during RHONJ Season 11. Pic credit: @melissagorga/Instagram

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga has admitted in the past that marriage comes with its own set of trials and tribulations and that at times it “isn’t easy.” However, it appears that she and her husband Joe Gorga have made peace with the many changes that afflicted their union, witnessed by fans during an uncomfortable season of the Bravo series, and are now “good.”

The reality television star claimed in an interview with Extra correspondent and former Bachelor Nation star Rachel Lindsay that she and her husband appear to have come to a settled place in their previously unsettled union.

During the season finale of the series, Gorga admitted that she was worried about her marriage moving forward.

“I think especially just watching this season, we’re like, ‘Wow, okay, we need to tighten it up a little bit,’ because the end of the day reality TV is not easy,” she explained.

“It’s not easy to share our lives with everyone, but I will say, we’re a pretty amazing couple,” Gorga admitted.

“When you have all these other opinions, always getting thrown at you and obviously work takes me to the left while he’s to the right, so it’s a struggle,” she added.

Season 11 of RHONJ was a struggle for the couple

Throughout RHONJ‘s 11th season, the long-married couple appeared to come to an impasse in their traditional union.

For years, Gorga stayed home and raised their children while her husband worked. Today, as a businesswoman in her own right, she has gained more independence from Joe.

This shifted the couple’s relationship to a place where Joe Gorga did not want it to be and caused him to express his frustration for his wife’s newfound freedoms.

“I would just like my wife to wait for me, and you just walk away like you don’t even have a husband,” Joe said to Melissa during one episode where she walked ahead of him to get to their car.

“From now on, you just go by yourself while I just walk in the back. We used to be so attached, and I’m still like that. She’s just changed. You turned into this different businesswoman,” he admitted.

Melissa Gorga admitted she enjoys her success

Throughout the season, Gorga admitted she enjoyed her hard-won professional success.

Along with filming The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Melissa also owns a boutique called Envy in Northern New Jersey. She is also involved with other professional projects that divert her attention solely from her husband.

During one heated confrontation between the couple, Gorga told her husband that if she had success in her personal life, it was nothing against her husband and implored him to allow her to have something that was her own.

She also stressed that this did not mean she did not love her husband of 16 years.

Melissa and Joe have been married since 2004. Together, they share daughter Antonia, 15, and sons Gino, 13, and Joey, 10.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently on hiatus.

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