RHOBH: Kyle Richards says Kathy Hilton’s last name trumps Erika Girardi’s, accuses her of leaking stories

Kyle Richards doesn't want to fight with her sisters, says she wants peace.
Kyle Richards says she wants her sisters to attend her daughter’s wedding. Pic credit: ©

Kyle Richards is no longer neutral in the feud between her sister Kathy Hilton and her friend Lisa Rinna.

During the finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle revealed that Kathy launched an investigation.

She wanted to find out who was leaking stories to the press detailing her so-called meltdown in Aspen during the cast trip.

Kyle said Kathy found out it was someone in Erika’s camp, leaking the stories.

Erika seemed surprised and asked Kyle to send her the proof that she had, so she can address it with her team.

However, Erika was quick to point out that she and Nicki Hilton, Kathy’s daughter, share a publicist.

Erika Jayne revealed in The RHOBH finale her disappointment in Kyle Richards

In her confessional, Erika said she was disappointed in Kyle. She felt like Kyle was trying to flip things back on her.

During the episode, Garcelle Beauvais pointed out that because the group was discussing Kathy’s meltdown, the spotlight was taken off Erika’s legal woes.

Lisa and Erika, who seemed to have a common agenda, said they weren’t trying to take Kathy down.

Kyle indicated, “Well, maybe it’s someone saying, ‘let’s take the distraction off of Erika.’”

While Lisa laughed at what Kyle said, Erika replied, “I love your sister, but she’s not well known enough to take the distraction off Erika right now.”

The former child actress laughed at that, and some of the other ladies rolled their eyes and seemed uncomfortable.

Kyle said in her confessional, “This is not a competition Erika, of who’s more famous than who.”

She added with an attitude, “But if you do want to play that game, I think Kathy’s last name trumps Girardi.”

Lisa and Erika left seemingly unhappy. The soap opera star said that if the story wasn’t yet out, then it would soon be. She said she knew Kyle would try to go after her to protect her sister.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers agree with Kyle Richards

The viewers have spoken, and they agree with Kyle that Erika was reaching when she said that Kathy wasn’t famous enough to take the distraction from her legal issues.

Fans of the show pointed out that Kathy is the former owner of one of the largest hotel chains in the world and that she is the mother of Paris Hilton, who practically invented reality TV.

One fan wrote, “To be honest, I never even heard of Erika Girardi or Erika Jayne before the RHOBH but I have heard of Kathy Hilton way before this show’s conception.”

A fan comments on Erika Girardi's opinion that she is more famous than Kathy Hilton.
Pic credit: @MeidasKami/Twitter

Another fan pointed out that many of Kathy’s famous friends have come out and defended her. They wrote, “I’m waiting on Kendall Jenner, to release a statement in support of her friend, Lisa Rinna, just like Kris Jenner and LaToya Jackson have for less-famous-than-Erika-Girardi Kathy Hilton.”

Many people have vouched for Kathy and said even though they believe it possible she had a bad day, she’s not the monster Lisa described. And Kyle seems to be siding with her sister on this one.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 7/8c on Bravo.  

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