RHOBH: Kathy Hilton explains how she confused Lizzo for Gabourey Sidibe amid backlash

Kathy Hilton RHOBH
Kathy has a good reason to explain why she didn’t recognize Lizzo on WWHL. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kathy Hilton explained how she confused Lizzo for Gabourey Sidibe amid backlash for her mistake.

Kathy has been on RHOBH since Season 11. However, she was absent from Season 12 for a good portion of the season due to her daughter Paris Hilton’s wedding.

Now that Kathy’s back in the mix with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, viewers have been privy to her hilarious one-liners and confusion about things.

There was even an episode in Season 11 where Kathy confused Garcelle Beauvais with her sister Kyle Richards.

However, that’s not the mishap that has earned Kathy backlash this week.

It’s her appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen that has people talking, and Kathy explained what really went down.

Kathy Hilton explains how she confused Lizzo for Gabourey Sidibe amid backlash

On Wednesday, Kathy was a guest on WWHL alongside her costar and friend Crystal Minkoff. In one of Andy’s games called Will Kathy Know Them, Kathy referred to Lizzo as Precious, which is the character Gabourey played in the movie of the same name.

After being roasted on social media for her mistake, Kathy has broken her silence on the subject. The Instagram account @queensofbravo captured comments from Kathy, setting the record straight.

Kathy’s first response read, “@damegalli , The screen was so far away and my vision is terrible. If you recall, I ??couldn’t even make out who Justin Timberlake or Melissa Etheridge was?‍♀️?”

Kathy’s second reply read, “My vision is awful, the screen was so far away that I couldn’t even recognize Justin Timberlake or [Melissa] Etheridge ??‍♀️.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans react to Kathy Hilton’s vision excuse

It didn’t take long for the comments section of the @queensofbravo Instagram post to become filled with replies to Kathy setting the record straight.

A good portion of the replies brought up the instance where Kathy thought Garcelle was Kyle.

RHOBH fans comments about Kathy confusing Garcelle and Kyle.
Pic credit: @queensofbravo/Instagram

Not everyone was willing to let Kathy off the hook with the vision excuse. A couple of users still had an issue with what Kathy said and the willingness of others to let it slide.

RHOBH fan comments about Kathy's vision excuse.
Pic credit: @queensofbravo/Instagram

Kathy Hilton could soon face more backlash as RHOBH Season 12 gears up for the infamous trip to Aspen. The getaway has been teased a lot, with various allegations coming out.

In a few weeks, fans will know what happened; if there are any truth claims made against Kathy, she just might find herself in hot water again.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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