Kathy Hilton slammed for calling Lizzo ‘Precious’ on WWHL

Kathy Hilton
Kathy Hilton makes a huge mistake on WWHL, and fans are not having it. Pic credit: Pic credit: ©

When Kathy Hilton joined The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as a friend in Season 11, fans took to her immediately. They loved seeing the luxury of her life and the aspirational wealth she displayed.

They also loved how silly she was, her forgetfulness that led to hilarious moments, and her jokes cracked everyone up.

Now that Kathy is back with the ladies for Season 12, viewers are seemingly turning on her this season. No more are the days of finding her cute and funny, and some are wondering what is really behind some of her questionable statements.

Last season, it was chalked up to Kathy being Kathy, carrying around her giant fan, putting ear drops in her eyes, and confusing Garcelle for Kyle. Her silliness is falling short on viewers this time.

Kathy, along with friend and fellow Housewife Crystal Kung Minkoff, were guests in Andy Cohen’s clubhouse on Watch What Happens Live Wednesday night. They played a game with Kathy to see if she could identify popular celebrities.

When a photo of pop star queen Lizzo came up, Kathy confused her with Gabourey Sidibe, who starred in the movie Precious in 2009. Although Crystal swept it off as a joke, viewers did not think it was funny.

Kathy Hilton makes a huge mistake on national television

Kathy Hilton’s pop culture knowledge was called into question during the game Will Kathy Know Them?, and her error of confusing Lizzo with Precious, whose real name is Gabourey Sidibe, has put her in the hot seat.

Twitter showed up in droves, and the response calls for Kathy to finally be held accountable for her constant mistakes.

The consensus is that Kathy’s mistake was not funny. At all.

Viewers did not find Kathy's mistake funny.
Pic credit: @shaktischild/Twitter

Viewers find this mistake very “suspect.”

The race issue is not lost on fans, who wonder why Kathy confused two curvy black women.

Social media is mentioning it all, revealing the “racist undertones.”

Social media thinks the undertones are rooted in racism.
Pic credit: @UpCalifornian24/Twitter

“Disrespectful, racist, and fatphobic” is how the mistake is being taken.

This tweet sums up what most of Twitter is thinking this morning.

Kathy's flub was viewed as lying, racist, and idiotic.
Pic credit: @lauraBa29728069/Twitter

Is Kathy Hilton out of the loop, or is it something darker?

Rumors have swirled all season about Kathy Hilton saying things that most consider offensive. It has been alleged that Kathy called Sutton Stracke’s longtime assistant, Josh, a homophobic slur.

All parties have denied this, and fans are not sure who started the rumor, but viewers will likely see this play out on screen in the coming episodes.

There was reportedly another incident during a cast trip to Aspen. Kathy and a nightclub employee allegedly argued over Kathy requesting the DJ play Michael Jackson’s song, Billie Jean. After dismissing her request, the employee told Kathy to go back to LA.

Allegedly, Kathy screamed and cursed at the club employee. Kathy’s reps denied the allegations, but Erika Jayne claimed she heard Kathy curse and use offensive language towards the DJ and brought this info back to the group. Lisa Rinna later backed up Erika’s version of the story, leading to a huge rift between Kathy and Lisa and a possible cease and desist.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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