RHOBH: Court confirms Erika Jayne’s husband Tom Girardi has ‘Major Neurocognitive Disorder’

Tom Girardi and Erika Jayne Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Tom Girardi has officially been diagnosed with a neurocognitive disorder Pic credit: Bravo

Court proceedings for Tom Girardi, the estranged husband of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne, confirmed that he had a “major neurocognitive disorder” and granted his younger brother, Robert, official conservatorship.

This official diagnosis came as Tom’s brother, Robert, filed the permanent papers of conservatorship, giving him control over Tom’s medical care and his estate going forward.

This is not necessarily news, as his “mental issues” have been a factor in this case since February, and it was previously suggested he had dementia and late-onset Alzheimer’s.

The diagnosis could have a major effect on the outcome of the case

This is is just the most recent development in a case that continues to become more complicated as more details are revealed about Tom’s alleged misdeeds. The official medical opinion could affect future presentations of evidence or even sentencing down the road.

In earlier statements, Tom made his objections to the conservatorship known, saying, “I  think that we should put together the reasons why the conservatorship should be dissolved, and then we’ll address it, address the court.” This contradicts official court documents that confirm Tom, “consents and does not object” to the process to appoint a conservator and could point further to his confusion around the matters.

In a statement to People magazine, Robert’s attorney Nicholas Van Brunt said, “It’s obviously a heartbreaking situation for Robert, but we agree with the court’s rulings yesterday.” Tom’s mental acuity has been in question since the allegations of theft surfaced late last year. Forensic psychiatrist, Nathan Lavid, deemed Tom mentally unfit to attend the hearings in March.

Tom Girardi’s brother is ‘heartbroken’ over conservator ruling

Dr. Lavid explains what Tom’s diagnosis means in the context of the hearings and why it’s so important to have a clear idea of his mental state. He says, “Dementia impairs his ability to understand the hearing. His emotional distress is directly related to his dementia and exacerbated by his confusion.”

This could be a huge factor in deciding what will happen to Tom when facing the various charges of embezzlement and fraud, but it could help dissuade doubters that claims of his mental incapacity are a stunt to help evade the full prosecution for the various allegations.

RHOBH viewers are watching the early developments of Erika and Tom’s divorce unfold in the current season airing now. Erika is sharing her experiences with leaving Tom and moving out with the other ladies, but it is unclear how much of the Tom stuff will play out on screen in future episodes.

So far, it has proven to be a substantial chunk of her storyline, but it’s hard to predict how much she is actually revealing. This is probably a major factor in viewers tuning in every week – we are eager to see it all up close.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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