RHOA: Kandi Burruss says nasty blowup with Marlo Hampton in recent episode got ‘way out of hand’

Kandi Burress on RHOA
Kandi Burruss admits the fight with Marlo Hampton went too far on last week’s episode in Jamaica. Pic credit: ©

Kandi Burruss is typically known as a voice of reason on the Real Housewives of Atlanta and is seen as someone who rarely loses her cool.

But this season, newbie Marlo Hampton has been pushing all of Kandi’s buttons. Marlo has spent most of this season feuding with a lot of the ladies on the cast, but her issues with Kandi came to a head in Sunday’s episode.

Marlo and Kandi were hurling accusations at each other, but neither woman was giving in. In one of Marlo’s many accusations against Kandi, she was accused of putting her mother, Mama Joyce, over her husband, Todd Tucker. When Kandi heard this, she clapped back at Marlo for sending her nephews away.

As someone who helped raise her own nephew, Kandi was especially sensitive to this situation and felt Marlo was damaging the kids even more. She wanted to help Marlo, but the anger combined with her feelings ended up in an explosive argument.

Now that the episode has aired and fans have taken sides, Kandi is acknowledging that the argument went way off the tracks.

In a new interview, she tells the Housewives Nightcap that she hit her boiling point, and things got way out of hand.

RHOA: Kandi Burruss said she is tired of Marlo Hampton’s insults

When asked about the fight at the dinner table in Jamaica, Kandi kept it simple in her feelings, saying, “It’s terrible. Yeah, it’s bad,” adding, “The argument between Marlo and I, it’s very disrespectful.”

Kandi said that Marlo has always acted out like this, revealing, “Marlo always says that she feels like she can go below the belt with people, and I don’t know why she feels like it’s supposed to be acceptable.”

She bluntly said, “It’s not something to be proud of, or accepted,” when discussing Marlo’s behavior towards her fellow Housewives. “If you come that way with me, you’re gonna get what you came for,” Kandi said of her response to Marlo.

Kandi Burruss said she was Marlo Hampton’s biggest supporter of getting her peach

Kandi said she had high hopes for this season, with Marlo joining the cast full-time. “I was so excited about Marlo coming and finally getting her peach… because I was really rooting for her to get a peach.”

“But then I see [Marlo and Sheree Whitfield] on the show dogging me out, and I’m like, ‘I’m the main one that was excited for ya’ll’.”

Kandi also admitted she is not looking forward to the reunion because she hates arguing with people. She accepted this year would be especially hard, as a lot of people were “coming for her neck,” but she didn’t realize it until she watched it back.

Season 14 is proving to be an explosive one, so the reunion is sure to be messy!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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Danielle W
Danielle W
1 year ago

Kandi it is not your fault, that Marlo hits below the belt. She needs to know her place. She do not deserve a peach and she needs to be fired. Reality TV has changed so much, our world has changed so much. Nobody wants to look at Marlo being on housewives being trashy and starting drama. In today’s world people enjoy reality TV by showing Sisterhood, growth, and people showing examples for people that does not have the platform like her she does, it’s unclassy and dissed tasteful and she need to be fired.

1 year ago

Marlo shouldn’t be on the show. She’s doing all of this because she’s trying to secure a spot so she’s saying things to get a rise out of everybody so that you can argue with her to give her a storyline. Marlo DOES NOT belong on the show.