Remember when Billy Eichner suggested Colton Underwood ‘should look into’ being the first gay Bachelor?

Colton Underwood billy eichner chris harrison
Do you remember when Billy Eicher asked Colton Underwood as they sat with Chris Harrison if he would “look into” being the first gay bachelor during Season 23? Pic credit: ABC

Astute viewers of The Bachelor may remember a moment during Season 23 of The Bachelor when Billy Eichner suggested that Colton Underwood “should look into” being the first gay star of the ABC dating competition series.

After Colton revealed that he was gay during a sit-down with Robin Roberts of Good Morning America on April 14, fans recalled the moment when Billy suggested this to the handsome former NFL player right in front of series host Chris Harrison.

Billy’s discussion with the series lead came after Chris informed the female competitors from the season that they were to engage in a little “friendly competition.”

The winning team got to sleep overnight in the camp with Colton, while the losers go back to the mansion.

After that, Billy had a little pep talk for the Bachelor star.

His following statements were stunning to the star of the series.

Did Billy Eicher know of Colton’s hidden truth?

During the group date, the comedian asked Colton about his abstinence. 

He also grilled the series lead on whether or not he ever had a one-night stand. Colton replied he had not and said he felt like “those are awkward.”

“No, they’re fantastic,” Eichner said.

Colton tried to turn the tables on the Billy on the Street star by asking him what he looked for in a partner as Chris Harrison looked on.

“I’m gay. I know that’s a shock, Colton,” Billy revealed.

“That I think you should look into. Maybe you’re the first gay Bachelor, and we don’t even know. Put that in your promo,” he joked at the time, leaving Colton both uncomfortable and speechless.

Billy continued to have fun at Colton’s expense

Chris Harrison, Colton Underwood and Billy Eichner
Chris Harrison, Colton Underwood and Billy Eichner appeared on Season 23 of The Bachelor where the comedian had some fun at Colton’s expense. Pic credit: ABC

As reported by E! News, Billy teased Colton as the women competed in a series of camp-themed challenges.

When one of the teams struggled with staying on course during the canoe race, Billy quipped, “It’s like Colton trying to find a vagina, it hasn’t happened yet.”

Thirty women competed for Colton’s affection, including his eventual winner for the season, Cassie Randolph, and Hannah Brown, who would go on to helm her own season of The Bachelorette.

Colton had already earned himself the title of “the virgin bachelor,” setting him apart from most of the hundreds of other people who had previously appeared in the franchise.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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