Reality Steve seemingly hints that people from Bachelor Nation leak info to him

Reality Steve says contestants do leak information to him. Pic credit: ABC

Reality Steve has been active on social media this weekend and he’s been spilling even more The Bachelor tea.

In the popular true/false challenge on Instagram Stories, Steve revealed that he would love to answer some questions from fans.

The majority of questions were about Bachelor Nation, as fans wanted to know what other spoilers he was hiding from fans.

But he quickly changed the rules, sharing that he wanted to answer questions about things unrelated to the Bachelor franchise.

However, the questions quickly went back to Bachelor Nation, as fans clearly wanted to hear more about what he knew.

Reality Steve reveals contestants do leak info to him

In one question, a fan wanted to know how Reality Steve was getting his information from.

He has already revealed that people unrelated to the Bachelor franchise will share tips and stories, especially before COVID-19 because contestants were filming dates in public.

Those public spoilers have come to a stop, as the shows are filmed on closed locations now.

“Sometimes people in Bachelor Nation give you spoilers,” read the statement, to which Reality Steve was supposed to write true or false.

However, he decided to leave it blank, pleading the fifth.

RS Spoilers
Pic credit: @realitysteve/Instagram

We don’t know whether the contestants are required to sign a contract, saying that they will not leak any information to a reality blogger or website. If so, there are definitely some violations if Reality Steve has received tips from contestants.

Reality Steve has shared major Bachelor Nation stories for years

Reality Steve has been spoiling The Bachelor as a full-time job for years. He has spoiled several seasons, but he has also gotten some conclusions wrong.

Reality Steve shared a lot about the Colton Underwood situation in the spring, including how he broke up with Cassie Randolph and how she filed restraining orders against him.

He also shared stories about Victoria Fuller before her filming with Peter Weber began, sharing that sources had come forward about her being a home-wrecker and being responsible for breaking up several marriages.

Steve was also the one who shared that Victoria and Chris Soules were together during the March quarantine. They would try to have a relationship, but Victoria revealed in September that they have broken up as she didn’t see herself as a farmer’s wife – yet.

Reality Steve has revealed that he plans on spoiling the show – possibly with the help of contestants – for years to come.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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