The Bachelor contestant Victoria Fuller slams stories about her, spotted with ex-boyfriend after filming ends [Spoilers]

Victoria Fuller
Victoria Fuller speaks out about filming and bullying. Pic credit: @vlfuller/Instagram

Victoria Fuller is back home from filming The Bachelor and she isn’t happy about what she’s hearing about herself in the media. While she’s not supposed to say much about the season, as it hasn’t aired on ABC yet, she took to Instagram to defend herself.

In a lengthy post, she revealed that the rumors about her are false and that she will defend herself when the time is right. She also revealed that she feels that bullying is not okay, but didn’t make reference to what she’s talking about.

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It’s possible she’s referring to Reality Steve, who is the one who has shared stories about her. As we’ve previously reported, Steve revealed that Victoria was being labeled as a homewrecker in her hometown. Steve has even revealed that Victoria was possibly worse than Jed Wyatt, who was slammed last season for having a relationship before he filmed The Bachelorette.

As soon as Victoria went public with her Instagram post, Reality Steve was ready with a response. On Twitter, he revealed that it was the wrong move for her and that she should just admit to what she did wrong.

He also pointed out that the bullying accusations were odd, considering she has reportedly screamed and cursed at another contestant in the house throughout filming The Bachelor.

But he didn’t stop there. In a separate tweet, he revealed that Victoria was spotted with her ex-boyfriend, Brett. He shared the spoiler that Victoria did not win the season.

He later clarified that Victoria was merely spotted with Brett, not hooking up with him. He also revealed that he didn’t think they were back together.

He concluded his Twitter defense by saying that many people from Virginia Beach were willing to talk about Victoria behind her back — all while playing nice to her face. Even though Victoria is denying all the stories about her, Steve continues to stand by his reporting, hinting that it may be people close to her that are leaking the stories.

The Bachelor debuts Monday, January 6, 2020, at 8/7c on ABC.

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