Reality Steve addresses rumor that Peter Weber got someone pregnant during Bachelor finale

Peter Weber
Peter Weber’s finale has yet to be revealed. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Peter Weber has revealed that his finale is like no other. The previews don’t reveal much about what will happen, and so far, the season remains unspoiled.

Because of the lack of information out there about the finale, people are guessing what could be going on.

This can result in many rumors about Peter and the final women.

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Reality Steve, a blogger known to spoil these finales, is speaking out about the finale, and there is one rumor that he wants to squash ahead of the finale.

Reality Steve talks about the rumored pregnancy on The Bachelor

Steve recently wrote a long blog post about the episode that aired this week, and he ended the post with news that more babies are being born to former Bachelor stars.

“The wheels keep churning, people keep watching, and before you know it, out pops a new baby where 20 people in the music industry are now dating and part of a new show. It’s all good in Bachelor Land I tell ya’. This franchise is getting more and more pregnant by the day. Wonderful,” Reality Steve

However, one person read between the lines, asking Steve if he was alluding to rumors that Peter may have gotten someone pregnant on the show.

As Steve replied, he had already addressed this, and he calls it the stupidest rumor out there.

He has already addressed possible reasons why the finale remains unspoiled. He has guessed that Peter may still be single because he has yet to make his final decision. He may also be waiting to propose until the After The Final Rose, something producers are doing to avoid spoilers.

At this point, no one knows what is going on.

Reality Steve has spoiled other drama throughout the season

Just because Reality Steve has been unable to spoil the finale doesn’t mean there hasn’t been drama this season.

This week, Victoria F and Steve went on a date. They went to a concert with Chase Rice, which happens to be someone Victoria has previously dated.

The focus was on their romance and the drama surrounding the awkwardness of the performance, not on Chase getting the publicity he had hoped for.

Reality Steve revealed that Rice wasn’t happy with his portrayal on the show, as he felt betrayed by producers who supposedly knew about his history with Victoria.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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