Rachel Recchia’s dad intensely talks to Clayton and at first tells him he can’t give him his blessing

Rachel Recchia & Clayton Echard
Clayton doesn’t hear what he wants to hear from Rachel’s dad. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor, Clayton Echard, traveled to four different states for his final four’s hometown dates.

Rachel Recchia, a current front-runner of the season for weeks now, is one of the final women vying for Clayton’s heart and final rose.

It was at the home of Rachel’s parents, in Clermont, Florida, where Clayton ran into some intense conversations with Rachel’s dad, Tony, who seemed like he was going to be a hard shell to crack and please.

What was the conversation like between Clayton Echard and Rachel Recchia’s dad?

While Rachel had prepared Clayton for the fact that her dad has never liked any guy she’s ever brought home, Clayton still stayed fairly calm and didn’t appear too rattled when the two men went out on the back deck to have a conversation.

Clayton started the conversation by thanking Rachel’s dad for talking with him, while the whole time, Tony looked almost angry and just stared at Clayton. As viewers, no one really knew what was about to come out of Tony’s mouth or what to expect.

Tony began by questioning Clayton and the fact that he still has three other girls in the process, besides his daughter, and he let Clayton know that truly concerned him.

What Tony asks next, though, seemed to take Clayton by surprise when he asked, “What are you gonna do to not hurt Rachel?”

Clayton responded with the fact that he has no intentions of hurting Rachel but that he also doesn’t “have a crystal ball as far as what it looks like at the end of this journey.”

Tony then just bluntly states to Clayton, “Right now, you’re just another face. I really can’t give my blessing.”

What happened last night on The Bachelor after that conversation ended?

Tony did lighten the mood a bit and followed up with not being able to give his blessing for Clayton and Rachel with the words, “until I talk to my daughter.”

After speaking with Rachel, Tony could tell that she’d never been happier and that this was something Rachel wanted and someone Rachel truly cares about. While speaking, both dad and daughter got emotional, and Rachel kept thanking him for being nice to Clayton.

Rachel had hoped that her dad, Tony, could just be civil to Clayton throughout their conversation and the evening in general. Not only did that happen, but Tony even gave Clayton the arm-squeeze at the end of the night to show his approval moving forward.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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